What reason is there for a man to get married? What does a woman give in the relationship? How does she support the man?

  • There are a lot of them. And not all I can remember.

    Some are love, care, support, someone to talk to, ur wife is ur best friend, she'll help you in times of need, make u relaxed, laugh, smile, have a fun time. You 2 can go on a date and get your mind off of things. Share secrets, enjoy life together. Motivation, a wife could give you motivation to work out, lose weight, put ur head to something and work hard. Be a better person. Help you get over something, coping with a dead loved one. And much more.
    She can make you feel special, like the luckiest man in the world. You'll travel down paths you never thought you'd choose and then one day when you look back on the paths you took with your wife you can say that you chose the right path and that ur glad you got Married. She could also teach you something about team effort.

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