• Technology plays a role in saving lives

    Technology plays a role in saving lives .
    Just imagine how many of your relations or friends have saved their lives because of new technology. Significantly modern technology has been important for medical industry. Most of the time doctors use technology for everything, as examples ; in scans, Biopsies, diabetes tests, measure heart rates.

  • Technology plays a role in saving lives

    It's obvious that modern-day technology goes a long way toward saving lives. In the medical field, for example, MRIs, CAT scans and mammographs can help physicians diagnose and therefore treat life-threatening situations. Cancer can now be detected early - something that was not possible a few decades ago.
    Treatments for all kinds of illnesses and injuries are available through technology.

  • Technology saves lives via its use in medicine and other fields, and will continue to do so in the future.

    Technology is integral to the increasing human life expectancy observed in the past century. Medical technologies such as antibiotics and surgical techniques have been crucial in preventing death by disease and injury. Agricultural technologies such as breeding and fertilization have allowed for the production of food that prevents starvation. These technologies and many others such as genetic engineering will save many lives in the future.

  • Technology will play a big role in saving lives

    Technology will play a continuing larger role in saving lives. It already plays a large part, from medical devices such as stents and diagnostic equipment. New technology to prevent and treat diseases are being discovered and used all the time. This will continue in the future in ways ordinary people cannot imagine.

  • It already plays a role

    Each time first responders arrive in an ambulance or in a fire truck to help someone live, that is technology playing a role in saving lives. Each time a cell phone has a tracker on it that leads people to find someone who has been abducted, that is technology playing a role in saving life. The benefits of technology are around us already.

  • Are Black People humans?

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    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

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