• At what age should we draw the line for adulthood? (US Centric)

    Currently, In most ways you're legally an adult at 18 in most US states and countries around the world. In the US, At 18 one can vote in elections, Purchase or own firearms, Rent an apartment, Sign legal contracts, Get married, Enjoy full driving privileges, Enjoy casino gambling in some states and join the army. One cannot legally imbibe on adult beverages, Purchase or carry handguns, Or buy tobacco or weed (where legalized) until reaching the age of 21. In most states, You can legally have sex with partners of any age as early as age 16 and no later than age 18. You can get a permit to drive at 15-16 in most states and have a license at 16 or 17. In some states, No consent is required for an abortion.

    We have so many different ages and laws on who can do what when. Scientifically speaking, The frontal lobes of the human brain does not finish developing until age 25, But what's known as cold cognition, The function of the brain that can make rational choices in calm environments where there is no emotional pressure, Is developed by age 16 or 17. Do you agree with the current system? Is it fair that one can die in war before they can drink? Is the voting age too high? Should there just be one age of adulthood? Or should rights be rolled out gradually?

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