What should I do? What changes do i need in myself or others if I want to convert to Islam?

Asked by: Chilal
  • Yes = help, No = no help?

    This article doesn't even look like a debate but more likely a question, I would love to read your answers about my question of how to convert to Islam religion. Today is the time that i choose something different in my life, please help me with all required information that I need to become an Islamic. Bless you all. If you want to give out information, click 'YES, if not, click 'NO'.

    I heard about Islam and wanted to know more about it, but as I don't have my own PC or electronic device but using a school's limited internet laptop, I don't have access to most religious websites.

  • HI As Salam wa aliykoom (Peace be upon you). Thanks you for being so open minded towards different ideologies of life.

    Islam is simple and a peaceful way of living. To become a Muslim you first need to believe in ONE god and his prophets, such as "Adam" the first prophet and Muhammad as the last and final. And those that came in between such as Moses and Jesus.Then you are simply a Muslim.

  • The best thing is to ask a scholar

    Ask a scholar, he will take you slowly through the process of becoming a Muslim. Of course, the first step is to say the Shahada. Anyways, if you know a Mosque go inside and ask for the Imam. He's more qualified for these sorts of things.
    Of course, as you are seeing now. You can get used to being attacked by all sorts of non-Muslims for having a different belief system. Be patient. You would be called stupid, brainwashed, terrorist, war-monger, pedophile and much much more. However, stay patient. All they are trying to do is to pull you into Hell with them

  • If you seek the truth, you reach the Islam, certainly.

    Islam introduces what a human need to be happy and successful. Islam calls you to have TAVAKKOL, that is you should make totally your efforts as your duty and then give over the result to Alla as your god and you feel calmness because you trust your god. In Islam there is no loneliness because your god is your best friend.

    Posted by: MHM
  • Anyone Can Walk INTO a Prison...

    I may not know much about the specific details or rituals of this particular brand of organized, ancient desert superstition, but perhaps I can offer some general tips for creating your own mind-forged manacle.

    Firstly, don't try to change others. You have very little control over that, and I don't see how it will help you on your journey into slavery. Focus on getting yourself in order first.

    Second, you may find yourself feeling a sensation, kind of like a tingling, in the back of your mind or even in the pit of your stomach. It can be caused by the world around you, or it might stem from a particular social or cultural norm, or even a current situation. This sensation is called 'natural curiosity.' It is very dangerous, and can lead to questioning and doubt of holy statutes passed down from illiterate epileptics from Iron-Age Palestine. Tamp it down.

    Thirdly, you must surrender your capacity for criticism, objective reason, and worth as a human being. The last one is especially true if you're a woman. Women are ribs, and made of evil magic that cause men to act like animals. Shameful. Don't worry about the social progress achieved so far by brave and intelligent women over the last hundred years. That is easily tossed aside for the prospect of living like an owned piece of property.

    Follow these steps, and I think you'll find assimilation into nearly any religion a much easier experience!

  • Conversion if a private thing.

    Frankly I have no soft words or easy comforts to offer you, if you must indulge such pointless superstitions I urge you to do it privately. You may make what ever changed in your life you deem you must but you have no right to expect others to change to suite your new found superstition.

    That said, despite my adamant disapproval of your none-sense, I fully recognize that my disapproval means nothing and you will indulge what ever primitive magical-stick waving superstition you like regardless.

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Consider seeking professional help.