What side is good in Skyrim: Imperials (yes) or Stormcloaks (no)?

Asked by: chibiterasu
  • It is not the Imperial's fault!

    Are these really the best arguments the internet can make?
    Let's start with the basics. Before the events of Skyrim there was a great war fought between the Aldmari Dominion (The Thalmor a subset of them) and the Empire. Essentially humans vs elves. Now, a particular loading screen seen in-game states, very clearly, that the only way that the Empire was able to survive, (and prevent the complete extinction of the human race) was to surrender to the Dominion. They then signed a 'Treaty' (The White-Gold Concordat) to formally end the war. Except it was not a 'Treaty'. Think to the real-life example of this, Germany at the end of WWI. Germany got royally SCREWED. They were forced to take 100% of the blame for the war, pay reparations so high it caused one German mark to go from just under the worth of a US dollar, to less than a MILLIONTH of a US dollar, and allowed other countries to step over it like it was their slave. This 'Treaty' was not designed to create peace, it was created to establish control, without directly stating it, thus preventing potential revolutions. To me, the White-Gold Concordat is the exact same thing. The Thalmor want to control both Skyrim and the Empire. Either the Empire give in and do whatever the Dominion wants, or it and every human gets wiped off the face of the earth. Now, the Dominion isn't exactly stupid, they know that should the Empire ever get it's strength back, it may have a chance at defeating them. So what do they do? They order the ban on the worship of Talos, with the plan of it causing problems internally. And it does. The Nords grow angry, despite the fact that the Empire never actually enforces it. Sure, they do publicly, but if a citizen happens to have a secret shrine in their basement, they will turn the other cheek. At first it seems the Thalmor have failed. Until a power hungry Jarl from Windhelm sees an opportunity present itself. He heads to Solitude, 'Challenges' Torygg to a duel, kills him, and heads home, proclaiming that the Empire has betrayed them, and that people should rise up and join him in his quest to make himself High King.
    (From what Torygg says in Soverngarde when spoken to, it can be implied that he was never challenged. Not to mention that only guilty men flee, as if Ulfric really did beat Torygg in a fair duel, he had no reason to run)
    Under this guise of 'Freeing' Skyrim, Ulfric is unknowingly assisting the Thalmor, as instead of resting and recovering its strength, it has to waste men and resources on putting down a rebellion. The fact that the Thalmor are quietly rooting for Ulfric's victory supports this. And if Ulfric were to succeed, and separate Skyrim from the Empire, technically the peace treaty does not apply to them, and the Thalmor have free reign to attack and conquer Skyrim.

  • What about Skyrim

    If the Empire had not surrendered to the dominion then the elves would have destroyed Skyrim. The elves knew if they outlawed Talos the Nords would rebel. This would plunge Skyrim into chaos giving them more power if the stormcloaks win then they will be doing exactly what the Thalmor wanted. Without the Empire Skyrim will be defenseless then the Thalmor will take over and kill all the Nords!

  • Why they rule

    People complain saying the Empire was invading and being tyrants over Skyrim, but the truth is they have ruled for over a thousand years and treated the people they ruled over fairly. When Ulfric had his rebellion it plunged Skyrim into chaos which destroyed the peace and caused thousands of unneeded deaths

  • Why I picked the empire.

    I am a guy that plays for the story of a game, so when I look at the empire and the stormcloaks I only look at what kind of chances do I have in the long run with which faction. So, while yes the stormcloaks are fighting for a noble cause that doesn't help me in the long. I mean, think about it, the empire only had one legion in skyrim, so many other legions do they have elsewhere? In the Roman Empire there were over 200 roman legions active at any given time, excluding the one that were inactive. So even if the stormcloaks won the war the empire would just send in more legions and wipe them out. So it was better for me, as I am the dragon born and sworn to defeat alduin, to support the empire. Since I am a legate in the imperal legion at the end of the civil war I can move around more freely without worrying about being captured as a stormcloak rebel. So that's why I joined the imperal legion, because it helped me defeat alduin.

  • Yes, the Imperials, because they are not the aggressors.

    The Imperials side is good in Skyrim, because they are just trying to go about their business and do the right thing, while the Stormcloaks are the aggressors in the civil war. If you think about it, the Stormclocks are actually quite racist, which is another reason not to like them. The Imperialists are the good guys, while the Stormclocks just want trouble.

  • Stormcloaks are DICKS

    The stormcloaks are racist bastards. Not to mention their power hungry leader ulfric. They are doing skyrim more harm then good. The civil war started some years after the great war between elves and men. And when the civil war started people were still recovering from the aftermath, thats how huge this war was. Ulfric does not give a damn about skyrim. He just wants to be king, thats the whole purpose of his little rebellion. He talks a big talk, but he never actually does anything but give speeches about a free skyrim. I played the stormcloak campaign and ulfric does nothing the entire time until the battle for solitude. He is not worthy enough to be king. He will ultimately destroy skyrim rather then help it.

  • Yes, the Imperials are the best hope for Skyrim.

    The Stormcloaks are only serving to make Skyrim weak so it cannot fight the Thalmor. Their civil war is breaking apart Skyrim while the real enemy waits patiently for them to destroy themselves. The Stormcloaks are not prepared to fight the Aldmeri Dominion so soon after a civil war, so their defeat will only strengthen the Dominion's hold on Skyrim. If they banded together rather than rebel, they would at least have a chance. As it is, they are playing right into the Thalmor's plan.

  • Markarth incident and earning the right.

    The empire promised ulfric and his men free worship of talos if they cleared markarth of forsworn, but when the thalmor found out the demanded ulfric's arrest after he earned the right to worship talos. I also think talos earned the right to be a divine, plus the thalmor are all stuck up.

  • The Thalmor are Nazis, and the Imperials follow them.

    The Thalmor may as well be going around saying, "Sieg Heil!" what with all of their, "Mer over men," bull****. Those High elves are probably inbred, maybe that's what makes them 'so pure'. I've actually heard them say, "We are the high race." I have every bit of respect for the empire and I don't hate them because of some rogue commander who likes to see blood. I just quite literally hate the thalmor and will kill anyone and anything that gets between me and their demise.

  • Skyrim belongs to the Nords!

    Well, in my case, the Khajiits. The Imperials have no right taking Skyrim away from its people! They sentenced Ulfric and me to death, even though I am a Khajiit! What did I ever do to deserve getting my head cut-off? Let me guess, I stole some kid's sweet roll.

  • The Imperials was the ones who sentence me to death even through my name isn't on their list!

    The Imperials was the ones who sentence me to death even through my name isn't on their list! Why should I be on the side when they murdering innocent people? Why should I help a side when they tried to kill me in the first 10 seconds of the game? Nope, I choose the Stormcloaks because unlike The Imperials Stormcloaks treated my character as one of the family.

  • Stormcloak all the way.

    First, The imperials tries to kill you at the start and second, The empire are puppets of the thalmor despite what people say. Also people say our great leader (Ulfric Stormcloak true high king) murdered high king Torryg but it was a duel and yes ulfric did use unfair methods but it’s still a fair fight as Torryg would have military training if he is high king.

    Also people say Ulfric is racist but if you go to wind helm you find ulfrics people protecting dark elves. I myself am an Argonian and ulfric did question me but we are all true sons and daughters of Skyrim if you are Nord at heart which is what you need to be a stormcloak.

    My case is closed and all hail jarl ulfric true high king!

  • Stormcloaks are not racist

    Yes they do not like the Argonians or the Dark Elves but that is because they refuse to work. They stay in Windhelm and refuse to help. They just take car of themselves and eat up the Stormcloaks resources which is never good for a war. The Stormcloaks are not wrong.

  • For freedom and self-rule.

    The Stormcloaks fight for their country's right to determine it's own future.There is nothing more moral and righteous cause than this one.All nations need their freedom and have the right to claim from foreign empires.To decide their own path and develop their civilisation freely without foreign interference.The empire has no right to rule anyone else outside Cyrodil.

  • Storm clokes are not racist

    The storm cookies are not racist soo i thank they are better and I like to charge in a town instead of defend a town.And I just like to kill stuff ( I'm not a sociopath)the imperials just sit and fend of the town . I don't get to play a lot but it is worth it to be a storm clokes

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