What team is better, the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees?

Asked by: RichardQ
  • OBVIOUSLY THE YANKEES CAN SUCK A COCK. The Boston Red Sox is like god and the yankees are poor people compared to the red sox.

    First of all who say the yankees are better obviously are little kids and only state history not the truth. Like who can be that stupid to think that yankees are better like oof. YANKEES ARE FAGS (no offense to fags) THEY ARE BAD WHOEVER VOTES OR THINKS THEIR GOOD ARE MENTALLY ILL. Facts bitches! BOOM!

  • Red soxs are way better then yankees

    The Red soxs have way way better players then the Yankees what the Yankees only have two okay player on the team and the Red sox's have the best team ever, Yankees fans only talk about the past and not in the now because yankees sucks RED SOXS ALL THE WAY FAM!

  • The yankees are the better team!

    The Yankees have better players and better stats. The only thing missing from my Argument is that the Red Sox have a better record. But WHO CARES? The Yankees have Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Giancarlo Stanton, And Aaron Hicks. Aaron Judge has 82 Home runs, And the Yankees led the MLB in home runs.

  • We win more than they have in total

    We are better than them when it comes to team work and working as a team some of there players have came to us yes we have ruff games but we still are good and we will beat them most the times even if we have bad times and go times

  • Red Sox are better

    Many of the people opposing the Sox only talk about history. The only thing that matters right now is that the Red Sox are a better team. Way back, They may have been better, But the Red Sox are better now in 2018. It does not matter how many world series's they have won

  • Redsox are simply better.

    Yankee fans hold onto one thing. The past. That is so great that your guys' great great grandfathers were able to witness all those championships decades before you were even born. This is the 21st century and the redsox have clearly been the better team. But keep holding onto the past while you keep realizing your throne is being ripped from your hands. Yankees suck, That is all.

  • The red sox are the best team

    The Red sox have the better players Ortiz,Pedroia, Mookie, JD Martinez, The yankees have players who think they are good because they can take steroids to make themselves good. When you have to cheat your way to victory to prove that you are the best team than you must be trash REDSOX FOR LIFE

  • The Yankees are the stupidest team

    They suck and pretend to be good. They never and have stupid people on their team. The Red Sox have good players and the Yankees have 72 year olds. The Yankees were good in the 1950 when my grandparents were born. They are an old and stupid team

    The end

  • It depends on the context of the question.

    The Red Sox did win most of the divisions in the last decade (2007, 2013, 2016, 2017; compared to the Yankees 2009, 2011, 2012), but the Yankees did win more World Series. The question asks which team is better, but does not specify for the recent or for the whole history of the franchises. The Yankees obviously have a better franchise, but the Sox are doing much better recently. Therefore, I feel like the Yes people are talking about the last decade, while the No people are talking about the whole history of the franchises. I only said Yes because I am a Chris Sale bandwagon.

  • Red Sox are better than the Yankees

    For one yankees pretend to be tough and strong. SIke!!!!Roger Clemens threw a brushback pitch to Manny Ramirez and Don ZImmer came running out to attack Pitcher pedro martinez, he sidestepped and the dumb 72 year old fell. You guys are infamous for using drugs for enhancing performace. Smh you guys suck

  • How Dumb Are You?

    27 to 8. Common sense, people. The answer is obvious. If ya'll refuse to listen to the damn truth or do simple math, I can't promise nobody's getting hurt. Because of ya'll's stupidity, ya'll need to face the consequences. School, anyone? Shouldn't people learn simple math there? Honestly, what is wrong with people these days?

  • Yankees have won the most world series. Are you really that dumb?

    27 world series. Not only have they won more than the sox, they've won more than every baseball team there is! If you say the sox are better, I can't promise you won't have a black eye. Because you are wrong and need to face the consequences of stupidity when the answer is right in front of you and you refuse to listen to the truth. I'm honestly surprised that people even believe that the sox are better. What has gotten into people these days? What have you learned in school? I really thought people were better than this...

  • I hate the red sox!!!!!1

    The Yankees have won the world series 27 times. How much have the Red Sox won? They have won eight world series! Also, the Yankees have had all the good players! For Example, Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth, Micky Mantel and much more. They Yankees are so much better than the Red Sox!

  • Yankees!!!!!! Are the BEST

    Yankees have been better than Boston forever. And there is always something special when you walk into Yankee stadium. Remember Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, Mickey mantel and joe DiMaggio. And what about the core four, best players as a team together. Yogi Berra and Joe tori. 27 WORLD SERIES! How can Boston beat that.Overall, Boston isn't half the team the Yankees are! ⚾️

  • They are the best because

    The Yankees are 4-1 against the Red Sox this season. They're also staring down at Boston from atop the division, while the Red Sox are dwelling in the cellar. Hitting: The Yankees are doing it right now. The Red Sox? Not so much. Entering Wednesday, the Yankees' .271 team batting average was third best in the majors, well ahead of 23rd-place Boston at .239. The Yankees are also fifth in the league in total bases at 292.

  • The yankes have the most world series wins in baseball, And are much better than the sox

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  • First of all we have 27 world championship wins and the reds socks only have. . . Oh that’s right. . . . 8.

    The Yankees have an overall better team. They are good athletes and don’t talk trash. They support and appreciate their fans unlike the red sox’s. Not to mention they have won more championships than any major league sport! Yankees domante! I mean yes us fans focus on the past cause that what makes the future.

  • Yankees are better than the redsox

    The Boston red sox are a pretty good team, I'll give them that. I personally feel that the New York Yankees are a better team, Both teams are good in their own way, But the Yankees, They've won more world series games than the Red Sox have. Now I'm not saying that makes them better but the red Sox only have, What? Eight? That's it? The yankees have won 27, That's what? Nineteen more than the Red Sox. GET FUCKED RED SOX

  • Yankees is btter the the red sox

    New York Yankees has the more fans and more tittles and more pride for baseball and Boston does not have fans even close as the new York Yankees and Boston does not have the same pride as new York Yankees and Boston does not even have the same amount of tittles new York Yankees because Boston is trash

  • The yankees are better

    We have won the world series 27 times while the the red Sox have won 8 times. We have the duo of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge *the leader and winner of Home runs. Diddi Gegorious is a best and is on of the best SS. In conclusión yankees are better.

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