What would be a good compromise between a school board who wants to promote patriotism in a history class and students who do not?

Asked by: Itachi-Uchiha
  • An opt-out class

    US History is a required course to graduate, but if students want extended knowledge on the subject, they should be offered opt-out classes that delve further into US history. This would prevent students from resorting to biased media for answers. That's how many people are radicalized. The school should offer a class for those who want to learn more in an nonpartisan environment.

  • No reason to compromise.

    There is nothing wrong with instilling love and devotion to one's own country. This goes for people here and in other countries. One must look at their country as an extended family. If people love and are devoted to their family, they aid and defend other family members. Should we make caring about your own family optional?
    Not sure about how other nations teach their history but in the U.S. we not only teach the good things we have accomplished but the bad as well. Thing is, we have recognized these things and make attempts to make the right. One such example is slavery. Unfortunately it was a common and legal practice but we have taken action to end it here.
    Yes, U.S. history is a required course but so is world history. Though much of it is taught in respect to it's relation to the U.S., it also gives other world views.
    Sorry kids but you have no say in the matter. It's not your choice. This is because as kids, you have less idea of what is and is not important to learn. Basically, you don't know what you need to know.
    If you would like to know more about other countries, go right ahead but on your own time. If you can't do it while in school, do it after you graduate. If you find another country that you would rather be a part of, by all means defect. We have more than enough people here and wanting to come here so you would be quickly replaced.

    "We all know that America is the worst country in the world, except for all the others.” - Mort Sahl

  • Having the hostory class

    You dont have to compromise with someone just because they know how to scream loudly on fox news. Teach what actually happened in history. Theres a reason it doesnt teach patriotism or non patriotism. Because its not a patriotism class its a history class.

    Geez people is this really a discussion we are seriously having?

  • Whats next, math?

    History is one of the most important subjects in a child's education.

    For one it teaches us where we came from, from the ancient civilizations, their raise and fall over time, to modern day politics and how we evolved in between,

    History is a lesson of human mistakes and triumph over amazing odds.

    The greatest lesson from history is to learn from our mistakes and be inspired by the triumphs.

    One of those students today, will be a leader in the nation later. Why would you want to prevent them from learning the mistakes from the past so they do not happen in the future?

    Logically history is a required course as with all other general education classes needed to give a child a well rounded education so they can be successful in life.

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