What would federal spending be focused on if Senator Bernie Sanders was in charge?

  • Sanders will rebuild vanishing middle class

    Sanders' 7 point program clearly outlines his intent to heavily tax the wealthy class so the suffering middle class get a reprieve by enhanced job creation programs and rampant rebuild of infrastructure. He also intends on relief on student loan repayment. Those who have jobs can expect an increase in minimum wage as well as more overtime pay.

  • Sanders has a pro-job, pro-welfare agenda.

    Sanders has stated that he would not focus on wars and foreign affairs but instead pursue a domestic agenda, focused on job creation policies and key areas of welfare spending such as the Affordable Care Act and social security. He has also targetted replacing infastructure and pursuing educational investment as target areas for an increase in spending.

  • Bernie Sanders would spend a huge amount of money on infrastructure.

    Bernie Sanders has publicly called for measures to help the middle classes regain a more solid financial footing, which he says are worse off than they have been in a long time. This would take the form of one commonly touted solution, an increase of the minimum wage to a 'living wage'. But he would also like to invest around $1 trillion in infrastructure such as bridges and roads, which he argues would help create millions of good paying jobs.

  • It would be focused on socialism.

    Even though socialism has failed every time it has been tried, if Bernie Sanders were in charge, federal spending would be focused on socialist programs to redistribute wealth. Bernie Sanders would increase taxes a lot, even though he doesn't give his own money away to the poor. There would be rent and food subsidies if he was in charge.

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