What would you pick,money or your wife/husband?

Asked by: ghostgamer
  • You should pick your wife/husband.

    Because she/he is the one you truely love and you should pick them over money and anything else in the world. So if you pick money your selfish and you only care about yourself and nobody else,not even your wife/husband. Sharing money with them is what you should do instead.

  • U shud chuse moonies

    I onse hahd hoosbund but hee thi lefts meh and tuk alls mi moonies. Soh if e cud cohose egin I wud chuse the moonies bc the moonies dunt hrt u and leeaf u. Lso ghostgamer es 1/8 chupacabra mking hr rgumeent Nvaleed. *Drops the mic and leaves with a large regard to melancholy*

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