What's a better treatment for social anxiety: therapy (yes) or medication (no)?

  • Yes, therapy is a better treatment for social anxiety.

    I definitely think that therapy is a better treatment for social anxiety instead of medication. I think that therapy can help somebody deal with their social anxiety a lot better than something like drugs. I also think that therapy avoids all of the side effects that people get with the drugs.

  • Therapy is better, as well therapy does do physical things

    To the person in the other column saying medication gives the person help physically, so does therapy. Let me explain...

    Everything in the world is physical. When we talk and process each other's language and feel things those are physical events too. Science has shown actual changes in brain chemistry from people receiving counseling for depression, as well as significant changes when monks do loving kindness meditation. So just making a deliberate effort to think in certain ways will cause changes.

    Medication is a brand new physical means which even with studies there are still things we don't know about them. There may be side effects that don't show up for decades that we just haven't noticed yet.

    Therapy, meditation on the other hand are old physical means. They are proven by time. They are much safer. Medication should be a last resort when everything else isn't working.

  • I think therapy is a better way to treat social anxiety

    If you can avoid giving a drug for a disorder then it is usually best not to give a drug. I think people ought not be giving drugs as this produces drug dependency. Therapy is much more appealing and is far safer than the administration of drugs. We don't need drugs, we just need to learn to cope.

  • Medication is much better

    I guess it depends on the severity of the issue,but I feel if its bad enough the medication is the only solution. The better solution is always up to the person who is caring for the patient,but in most cases the best solution is a combination of some sorts. It is up to them both to decide.

  • It works well.

    Medication is a better treatment for social anxiety, because it gives the person actual help. Therapy might allow a person to talk about their problems, but that does not really fix anything. Medication gives the person help physically with the problems, and it also gives them a mental edge over their anxiety.

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