What's better: 2013 GT 500 Mustang (yes) or 2013 Camaro ZL1 (no)?

Asked by: Trever234
  • Yes by far.

    I haven't meet a Camaro that could touch me yet and that was with my 05, Now I have a 2014 and it is an all around better car. Firstly the Ford Mustang is an American icon that has been coveted since the 64 &1/2.
    Secondly the recent incarnations of the pony car have been performance focused.

  • The Mustang GT 500 is better.

    Both cars look good on the outside. Both look fierce and ready to devour any Mercedes that comes its way. But the Mustang is better in many ways. The Mustang has 662 HP, that's as much as a lamborghini gallardo while the Camaro has only 580. Plus the Mustang sounds better cruzing on the highway or beating up a track. If that isnt enough to convince Camaro lovers, the Mustang's interior makes you feel like your driving a beast of a machine. But the Camaro's interior makes it feel more like a family car. Its interior is a lot less sporty than the Mustangs. Both machines im sure any man/woman would be proud to say is an American car. But the mustang im positive any auto enthusiast would want more.

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