What's better: Call of Duty (yes) or Battlefield (no)?

  • Yes, Call of Duty.

    Call of Duty is better than Battlefield because the franchise is more enjoyable and I know the developers really listen to what the players want and have to say. They are easier to play and get going with. It reminds me of an easy to learn but takes time to master type of game.

  • Call of duty is better than battlefield.

    Call of duty is better than battlefield. I have played both and I think that Call of Duty is better because of the storyline, the graphics, and overall game play of the game. Battlefield lacks in the graphics that Call of Duty offers. The game play in Battlefield can also get boring.

  • Call of duty.

    I would definitely pick call of duty against Battlefield. Both of these games are awesome, and make good combat game. The reason I think call of duty is better because of its graphics. Graphics are the most important of the game. Call of duty has lots of options when it come to graphics.

  • More content .

    The gameplay of battlefield series just crushes cod with all the tanks airplanes and vehicles, and all the different forms of playing the game its just amazing and cod has nothing to compete against that.
    Also you can see all the amazing big maps where you can have epic big battles against tanks planes or both of them.In cod you can run all around the map a hundred times just to kill the same players with your aim of 95% sensitivity.

  • I personally prefer Battlefield over Call of Duty

    I personally prefer Battlefield over Call of Duty. I feel that Battlefield has more to offer as a game, especially when it comes to multi player. Battlefield has a lot more destructible environments, vehicles to drive, exciting game modes, and the opportunity to play with a larger group of people.

  • Battlefield has better gameplay and better machines of war

    Because Battlefield recently added the ability to break down walls with tanks, it is very realistic. It's also possible that certain players don't have the exact discipline to prefer being a foot soldier, much less a sniper. Battlefield offers strategic machines of war to help these people play the game and introduces it.

  • Battlefield has more action.

    Battlefield is better than Call of Duty, because Battlefield has more action. Call of Duty might have better graphics, but in terms of straight play, Battlefield is better. The characters can do more in Battlefield. Call of Duty also takes longer to figure out, so new players should start with Battlefield, because it is easier to pick up.

  • No, battelfield is the superior war game

    Battlefield has many advantages over Call of Duty. First, Battlefield includes the use of vehicles by players. This adds a whole new dimension of gameplay other than just running around and shooting other players. Also, the class system allows for teamwork and lets players perform specific roles. In this way a team working together may win over a more well equipped opposing force all using the same class.

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