• Battlefield is getting old.

    COD ghosts is better than Battlefield 4, because Battlefield is getting tired. Battlefield is getting less and less unique as each one comes out. COD ghosts is more entertaining, and they have done more unique things with it. COD ghosts is like buying a different game. But if you own one Battlefield, you have them all.

  • COD ghosts is better than Battlefield 4.

    COD ghosts is better than Battlefield 4. Having played both of these games I think that Call of Duty ghosts is better. The graphics and overall game play of Call Of Duty is better. Battlefield gets boring after awhile and the graphics suck in comparison. Call of Duty multi-player is also better than Battlefield.

  • COD is better.

    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a much better than Battlefield 4. Call of Duty: Ghosts has better graphics and a wider variety of game modes compared to Battlefield 4. If you want to look at the statistical numbers, then all you have to do is look at how much more COD sells then BF4.

  • COD ghosts is better.

    COD ghosts is much better than Battlefield 4. I have always liked COD games a lot more than Battlefield and this game is no different. I think the plot line is overall better and I also think the graphics in the game are a lot better than battlefield 4s and most of my friends agree.

  • Is COD Ghosts Better Than Battlefield 4?

    The argument here is if COD Ghosts is better than Battlefield 4? Before arriving to any conclusions, one must understand the games deeply and have thoroughly played through to know which game is better than the other. There are many things involved such as gameplay, graphics, sound, engine and so on. To truly understand, the games have to be tested and played next to each other and compared in many areas.

  • Many more game options

    In this game you can play aliens, campaign and multiplayer. It's very fun but battlefield only has multiplayer and campaign. Aliens is very fun. Also in black ops there are also zombies which is way addicting and fun. In cod there are also many many weapons and there are scorestreaks

  • Yes, COD Ghosts is better then Battlefield 4.

    I much prefer Call of Duty Ghosts over Battlefield four. I think that the game is more interesting and fun for me to play overall. I do think that both games are very similar in enjoyment level for me, but I tend to enjoy playing Call of Duty Ghosts more often.

  • I think that COD GHosts is the better game.

    The Call of Duty game has long been one one of the best first person shooting games for the console generation. Call of Duty Ghosts has better graphics, a better story, and a better intuitive interface. I think that the multiplayer is better in COD Ghosts as well, in my opinion.

  • Battlefield is much better

    Everything's better than in Call of Dirty "ghosts" I like bf4 much more than this. Cod is such like these games made in 2000 or less. So in my opinion Bf4 is alot better than call of dirty. Ps: Everybody is hacking in COD so there's no fun in that game.

  • Bf4=next gen/pc COD= current gen

    Bf4 looks and performs much netter on next gen consoles and cod ghost is overall better on current gen consoles. But overall I think bf4 is the better game. Battlefield incorporates distuction that changes maps and I feel that it also needs teamwork. Unloose that of call of duty ghost.

  • Cod ghosts is the same

    I own battlefield 4 and call of duty ghosts both for the xbox one. I have seen both with my eyes and played them. Cod ghosts has the same partical destruction graphics and light engineering graphics. Battlefield 4 on the other hand uses anew game engine new particle destruction and a variety realistic weaponry. Call of duty has guns semi realistic but the only thing is that the guns they do have that are real aren't similar to the guns they use. Bf4 game producers went through weapons training to create a realistic feel for the game. Also the story in cod is a stock storyline. Guy gets attacked, guy fights back, guy almost loses, guy wins. In battlefield the story is somewhat newer and more refreshing than the same old boring one call of duty. What's more the cod gamers use mods and hacks to make themselves better but make the game frustrating and lifeless.

  • Battlefield is a better game

    I own both, Ghosts is by no means a bad game. It's fun to play, Infinity Ward has a godawful spawning system online that they've refused to fix for years but other than that it's enjoyable. It's still dwarfed by Battlefield, which is in every way a superior game. Ghosts IS good, but Battlefield 4 is absolutely phenomenal.

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