What's better: Mac Mini (yes) or Macbook Air (no)?

Asked by: TyJaBeck
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  • MacBook Air: the best

    MacBook Air cannot have better battery power, better proccesors, and less than a pound! It's portable, and better than the mac Mini in ALL ways, I am very very sorry Mac Mini, you are pretty good, but I'm telling you, MacBook Air is JUST top of the line. Thank you!

  • Macbook Air Beats Mac Mini

    Without a doubt, the Macbook Air is a better device than the Mac Mini. It's a portable ultrabook with high-end specs and a fantastic screen. The Mac Mini is a fine device, but it pales in comparison to the Air in so many ways. Most consumers would prefer the Air for these reasons, too.

  • I like the Macbook Air

    I have a Macbook Air and I love it. It is sleek, fast, long lasting and all in all a great laptop. I use the internet on it a lot and I really enjoy how fast it is. I love all of the programs you can get. It charges super fast and holds battery for a LONG time. Just saying- I do not have experience with the Mac Mini.

  • Macbook Air over Mac Mini

    I think a Macbook Air is better cause it is more portable than a Mac Mini. Plus I can use it at my school. Mac Mini is not that portable but it is faster with more ram. I would lean towards the Macbook Air for the portable reasons and the weight and look. Thanks :)

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