What's better; socialism (yes) or free market capitalism (no)?

Asked by: stschiffman
  • Command economy is best

    I don't support absolute socialism but I do support the need that the government needs to make economic decisions. The government in my eyes is the best person to make decisions. More government the better. Also the guy who made this opinion was SOOOO biased that it hurt my eyes.

  • State Capitalism is best

    Although full government intervention is unnecessary, I believe the government should stand in when necessary to save the property of the people's businesses and corporations. However, the government should not override the economic system and run businesses. But, laissez-faire could also endanger our economic system, leading to monopolies and a lot of illegal trade.

  • Ideally, it would be a healthy mix between the two.

    The outward goal of socialism seems noble, but inherently it's quite selfish. It's the notion of "I am breathing, therefore I deserve..."

    The outward goal of capitalism can seem greedy and corrupt, but inherently it's selfless. It's the notion of "If I want to eat, I had better find a way to contribute something of worth to society..."

    Both systems can be exploited, but if we had to lean towards one more than the other, I would tend to lean towards capitalism. Capitalism has many risks, but provides wonderful opportunities. Socialism has little to no individual risk, but also virtually no opportunities.

  • Corruption & Incompetence

    Not "the government" runs the economy in socialism, actual humans, party leaders do. In the supposedly "fair" socialist countries, inequality between party politicians and normal people was worse than in any capitalist country part from supposed entitlement part from corruption. Worse, there is less to be grabbed, as the lack of responsibility and personal consequences for bad decisions by incompetents makes a weaker, less productive economic system.

  • The Government Can't Run The Economy

    "Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy."
    -Winston Churchill

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Fact is, the economy is best left to people with limited government intervention, not to the government.

    Obviously, there has to be a little control from the government, but very little is best. Just enough to prevent the outright abuse and exploitation of workers.

    Socialism is basically just communism to a lesser extent; fact is, the government can't do everything, people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs should make money for themselves and share their businesses with us how they please.

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