What's more important: economic issues (yes) or social issues (no)?

  • Economic issues are more important

    There is a political connection between social and economic issues and politicians try to position themselves on both. The main focus should always come down to focusing on the economic issues that government policy can impact. And many social issues, such as teen pregnancy and high school graduation rates, come from economic insecurity. If the economic situation is stabalized, many of the other issues will begin to resolve as well.

  • Yes, economic issues help social issues.

    Yes, economic issues are more important than social issues, because solving economic issues often solves social issues. Fixing the economy and increasing wealth allows people to focus on other things, such as charity, and giving money to the poor. If people do not have a basic existence, they cannot be fighting for things like human rights.

  • Ignoring social issues fuels financial and social crimes.

    A broken economy causes social issues, but focusing on economy before social issues causes much greater social problems. Putting the economy before social issues is putting money before personal, mental and emotional welfare. Putting the economy first means pushing aside compassion and humanity in favour of profit-making companies and individuals who worship money, not healthy relationships with other people and the rest of nature which is currently being rapidly destroyed. If you sort out social crimes such as violent crime, racism, sexism and the horrors of the animal and wildlife exploitation industries by educating people about healthy social interaction and respect as well as resilience, they will be more considerate and not as one-sided in pursuing the economy as the be-all and end-all that governments and businesses portray it to be.

  • Why does this keep happening

    We keep pushing social issues aside whether the economy is good or bad. Reagan swept aides under the rug and got away with it because the economy was strong, and right now police brutality is being dismissed because the economy is just more important it's a disgrace that people whiling to over look justice for economic policies that have no hundred percent chance of working

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