Whats the movie called interview with a vampire or interview with the vampire is yes the is no

Asked by: Edlvsjd
  • I specifically remember the movie being titled interview with a vampire

    It seems after going over the official titles and official sites that the interview with a vampire was not titled interview with a vampire, it was titled interview with the vampire is this proof of alternate realities combining? What do you think? Again a is yes and the is no

  • Interview with the Vampire

    Here's some proof:

    All you need to do is type it on the search bar to get the answer.

    Side Notes:
    Why is there a minimum word count on these polls? In the case of this poll, it's pretty irrelevant to have a word count on a simple argument like this.

  • You bring up an interesting concept.

    If there are alternate realities, and you can occasionally skip from one to the other, then all the evidence you see today could contradict your memory.

    In this case, I think it is more likely that you saw the commercials for "Interview with the Vampire" and already knew by that time that there was more than one vampire, so your mind automatically corrected and remembered it as "Interview with a Vampire." That would be more consistent with what you might see in the news. You would not typically see "Interview with the Drug Dealer" or "Interview with the Fireman" in the newspaper.

    That said, how would we really know if we occasionally slip from one reality to another as long as the variations are small? All current evidence would support the current reality.

  • Interview with the vampire

    -Look at the picture it says it
    -Google it
    -in case searching it is too hard here is some proof
    That whole thing is a link
    why does this have a word needed thing

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  • Because i clicked it

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stschiffman says2016-02-21T23:37:00.460
Why didn't the user who made this just ask Google.