Whats your thought of guys wearing skinny jeans

Asked by: HeyPeople
  • Wear whatever you want

    You can wear whatever you want, but honestly just biologically speaking skinny jeans just naturally compliment a woman's body more than a man's body. The same applies to skirts, tunics, short shorts, etc.
    But hey, if you like 'em, I'm not one to stop you.
    But to anyone don't wear something just to show how rebellious and cool you are. Wear it because you think you look good. (I can't say this nicely, but if you don't look appealing in it, don't wear it. I'm not even saying it has to look flattering on you, if it looks like the dumbest thing you could wear just please don't.)
    (Believe it or not, I'm a Christian. Woooww, I'm not a conservative butthole, amazing right?)

  • Yes they should!

    I hate gender roles. They should wear skinny jeans if they would like to without being judged. Its not only women look good in them men also look good in skinny jeans. So don't argue that please. People should wear what they want and not what others tell them to.

  • Clothes shouldn't be gender based or specific to one group of people

    People should be able to wear whatever they want. A guy wants to wear skinny jeans, whats the big deal? If its about masculinity, then sweatshirts should be banned for girls, even pants. Regardless of your sex, clothes are for all, not just one. It shouldn't even be a question

  • People can wear what they like

    If it reflects who they are and their style, there's nothing wrong with it. They're just jeans. We live in an unfortunate society in which our expectations are so rigid that people can't even wear a certain type of denim without being socially persecuted. This kind of pettiness needs to stop.

  • Its the trend

    Many famous men wear skinny jeans whether its masculine or not. Everyone has their own style and some guys can work the rocker style punk look like Christopher Drew and Michael Jackson. Skinny jeans may not be the most masculine but some people can rock the gender bender look, just like how Fergie can work the baggy khaki pants and One Direction can work the skinny jean boy band look. Every girl loves a man in tight clothing.

  • Not for me

    Personally, its not for me. I guess "to each his own" but I don't think that it's very masculine at all. I think that guys should not be wearing skinny jeans because it doesn't reflect well on them. But who are we to judge? Just saying I wouldn't do it.

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