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  • I think that dropping fees will bring new members.

    This is something tha many don't seem to understand, if prices are dropped more people will come. Glad to see WhatsAPP dropping their fee all together. When it comes to many apps why is there a price the companies putting them out can more than pick up the cost for the App in question. So, making others pay subscription fees seems a bit greedy at least that is how I feel.

  • Yes, consumers shouldn’t have to pay additional fees.

    Yes, WhatsApp should waive their subscription fees. Consumers are already asked to pay for too many extras after buying apps. Once the app is purchased there should be no further fees. If there were fewer fees, more people would buy the app and WhatsApp would make more money and be able to invest more, which would increase customer satisfaction, happiness, and allow them to buy more apps with the savings. Eliminating subscriptions would also provide more incentive for people to buy the app knowing it's a one-time purchase. WhatsApp should therefore rid itself of unnecessary subscription fees.

  • Companies should be able to decide their fees

    The fact that WhatsApp is dropping their fee is because they are afraid to lose their user base. Another company could decide that it's completely impossible financially to continue to run and need fees in the future. Users of those services should understand that fees are sometimes necessary for a good and quality service.

  • It should be for app developers to decide.

    In order to make money from an app, developers can either use advertising or charge a subscription fee. Charging a subscription fee works negatively for smaller, unknown apps in particular as new users are unlikely to want to pay a fee for an unknown commodity. However, for more established brands, a subscription fee can allow their users a smoother, ad-free experience which they may prefer. It should be left down to the developer to decide which option they prefer.

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