Wheel of Fortune Wild Win: Just luck (yes) or Amazing Puzzle Solver (no)?

  • It's All Set Up

    Over the last ten years I've watched Wheel of Fortune on occasion and I've noticed that the Bankruptcy marking is landed on far more than probability would allow it to. It's my opinion that the entire show is fixed to guarantee low rewards or control spending through prizes. It is quite likely that the Wild Win was a matter of game fixing, but we can refer to it as luck.

  • Luck with skill

    The solve with very limited information was quite impressive, but ultimately it boils down to luck and a decent amount of skill in recognizing the letters that weren't revealed. With the way the final puzzle is set up, someone who is a quick thinker can eliminate a ton of the most popular letter combinations with their guesses and fill in the blanks from there with knowledge of the language. So in the end, it came down to both luck and skill.

  • I think the Wheel of Fortune win was just luck.

    I think the Wheel of Fortune win was just luck. I think he just happened to guess the right thing. I don't think there were enough letters showing for him to make a very educated guess. It was a pretty cool thing though and I thought it was awesome that he was able to do it.

  • He had skills.

    I think that the Wheel of Fortune Wild Win was an amazing puzzle solver instead of luck, because that was not something that I could have done. I watched that episode and there was no way that I would have solved that puzzle. There were so few letters. He had to have talent in order to have gotten that right. He did well in the regular rounds as well as the final round.

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