When a women has a miscarriage is her vagina haunted?

Asked by: Nolan_25
  • Scary as shit

    The baby is dead. Dead equals ghost and ghost means haunting. Which means yes. The women's vagina would be technically haunted. Now I feel sorry for the women for her lose however she should see a priest or something to get her vagina unhaunted or "uneatable" which means the baby would not be forgotten but the ghost will be gone.

  • What the f*** is this??

    Most miscarriages occur within the first few weeks of pregnancy, and it is possible for a woman to miscarry before even realizing she's pregnant. How could a woman know to get herself 'un-haunted' if she doesn't even know she miscarried? If this were true, there's a lot of haunted vaginas out there.

    And if you want to get into the realm of the paranormal, a death doesn't automatically make a haunting either.

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-06T04:37:44.113
American Horror Story: Vagina! XD

Anyways, this question is extremely stupid! A woman's vagina doesn't automatically get haunted just because she had a miscarriage!