When all of us preach religion,why can't we bring about peace?

Asked by: Shreya04
  • Peace in all religions,please?

    When almighty created us without any differences,who are we to differentiate people on the basis of their caste, colour and creed? Inter-religion disputes and inter caste differences, Is this what our almighty yearns to see for? I guess not! Why do we fail to bring the world at peace when we preach religion. Are we blinded in the path of this rat race of worshipping 'our' gods?

  • Welcome to 1984.

    Even if you got the reference (George Orwell book - 1984) you may think I am talking about big brother but that was only part of the book. Another part talks about the Ministries and the doublethink process.
    Doublethink could be described as blackwhite where two contradictory things can be interchangeable based on what people are told.
    The war department is called the ministry of peace
    The department used to misinform is the ministry of truth.
    Not sure about other religions but the Bible has at least one big example of doublespeak.
    Exodus 20: 13
    "Thou shalt not kill (murder)."
    This commandment is clear. Killing (murder) is bad, don't do it.
    Then later, it wants you to kill.
    Exodus 21 if full of reasons to kill, 22 demands you kill a witch, who would have basically been a medicine maker outside the religion. Even homosexuals are put to death.
    Their god also has no issue with genocide either. The bible has many parts where he or his angels destroyed cities (Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah) and even all life on earth with exception to those on the ark.
    Clearly the bibles idea of peace is doublespeak.

  • Practice what you preach, if only.

    We seem to have forgotten the old ways of our religions, and their brutal, savage roots.

    Our ancestors were drunk with blood, and the religions they created reflect just that. Our various gods are almost entirely violent, malevolent, or at the very least bloodthirsty for their enemies.

    Secular society and a better understanding of our morality has led the majority of the world to become much more tame then their ancestors.

    The real answer is that religions aren't typically about peace.

    Religion is about winning.

    It teaches there can be peace if only EVERYONE thought like us.

    Religion is the answer if EVERYONE bows down to this one ruler.

    We could be peaceful if we remove all opposition and live they way X says we should.

    Much like Orwell's 1984, the mantra of many religions is simple.

    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

  • There is peace in all religions.

    Religion and its followers are two different things.
    1.) You can read a text and use it any way you want. So that's why you see cultists and extremists.
    2.) Most religions have rules on how you live. Ever hear the Ten Commandments? But do you see Christians being passive like during the Roman Er? No.
    3.) Oh, but they believe in different gods! Sure the settings and names are different but have you read the myths, legends, and stories of Greece, Egypt, Norse, and Christian stories and stop and realize they're practically the same! If you want an example or two just ask.

  • We don't all preach the same religion.

    People obviously don't like disagreeing with eachother, and when we preach opposing religions, wars happen. Although religions are based on peace, most unrest and violence is based upon them. Many terrorists say they are doing God's work by eliminating whatever their religions don't allow. The Westboro Baptist Church is clearly not peaceful, and heavily religious. Religion does the opposite of bringing peace.

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