When an athlete takes steroids, do the steroids do all the work?

  • Yes, they are fake.

    Yes, when an athlete takes steroids, the steroids do all the work, because the athlete is no longer a product of natural training. It is unfair to give an athlete who uses steroids any glory for their accomplishments, because they have used science to destroy their body in order to win at sport. They are a fraud.

  • Steroids dont work the way people think they do

    Many people often say, "I could hit 500 Home runs if I was as JUICED as he is" but the fact is that steroids don't make someone better at football or baseball or really any sport (they will have a much bigger impact in powerlifting or bodybuilding of course). Anybody could take as many banned substances as they wanted and not be able to hit a home run if they don't know how to swing properly. Steroids don't help you to know the game situation, or to see the ball, or to react swiftly and precisely to a play, or to catch a ball, or to juke a linebacker, or even to swing the bat. The only thing that steroids can help you to do is recover from a workout. You can't just take steroids and expect to be stronger. You still have to work hard in the gym in order to reap the benefits of steroids. Also you don't get any stronger by taking steroids than not taking steroids you just get stronger faster. People who take steroids are stronger because they recover from the workout faster and are able to workout again sooner. Therefor the reason they are stronger is because they did more workouts, they worked longer and harder than their competition. Remember all sports are multi-dimentional and being the strongest competitor is undoubtedly advantageous it takes more than that to be good at the sport.

    The players do all the work the steroids help them to do even more work.

  • Steroids aid an athlete's performance but are not solely responsible for it.

    Steroids serve as a boost for athletes but they are not solely responsible for performance. Athletes still must be physically fit and properly trained in order to turn in an exemplary performance. In this respect, steroids are actually a good solution for those athletes who have suffered a setback from a minor injury.

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