'When considering a career the important issue is money.' Do you agree?

Asked by: londonblue
  • Ultimately Work is to Make Money to Survive

    I think we guide children wrong when we tell them to do what they enjoy without considering finances. Most people that work ultimately end up doing so to make money and there are very few people that honestly wake up every day looking forward to another day at work. Also if people worked primarily based on money and everyone trained for higher paying jobs, maybe that would finally force corporations to pay everyone a living wage. Of course, the ideal would be if wages went up across the board and everyone could do what they loved and were good at, which would also help society to advance, but that kind of change is a long time coming.

  • Money is a factor

    Unfortunately, in today's world, I do not feel it is all about the money; but, cashflow does play a huge role in decision making. Money definitely does talk; but, when it comes to a career, it is not the soul deciding factor. I feel if an average person comes to a cross with two jobs that could be a potential career, that the person would enjoy doing both, they will most likely side with the one that comes with the better pay and benefits. Not necessarily by the one they feel they would enjoy doing more.

  • Do what you love.

    Doing what you enjoy and are good at is more important than a paycheck. A career isn't just a way to earn money ; it's a part of leading a fulfilling life. Think about it. If you have a high paying job that you hate, you're going to be miserable. If you have a lower paying job that you love, you're likely to feel happier and more fulfilled.

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