When dealing with criminals, should we focus more on rehabilitation rather than punishment?

  • We should rehabilitate.

    It has been proven that, in Norway, that rehabilitation works. In America, the reconviction rate is 77%, while in Norway, it is 16%. They have a much better rehabilitation system. In America, we focus so much on other trivial things, that we aren't putting nearly as much attention of funds as we should.

  • Yes, we should

    It has been proven in the past that criminals that get proper rehabilitation are more likely to be abstinent from illicit drug abuse, or any other crime. The United States' prison system is trying to punish criminals and force them back into prison, even those who successfully do not go back to jail, they face difficult times trying to get back to their feet.

  • Yes, I think we should

    I think that we should if they are not in for life. I think the only issue with that is, people look so hard for past crimes,but just don't care if they did there time. The system says 7 years and its all good,but employers look at that a different way. The criminals feel the same way, I know.

  • Yes We Should

    I believe criminals should be afforded an actual opportunity to be rehabilitated, rather than simply being thrown into the prison system. What is done now simply ruins these peoples chances in the future and even if the prisons offered rehabilitation services it wouldn't matter because their record constantly follows them.

  • No, we should focus more on criminal punishment.

    I think that when dealing with criminals, it is more important to focus on punishment than rehabilitation. I think that while it is important that we as a society try to do what we can to prevent somebody from becoming a criminal, as soon as somebody is a criminal, they should be punished.

  • We should focus more on punishment than rehabilitation

    It is my opinion that criminals who are arrested are more likely to commit a crime in the future than successfully rehabilitate themselves and become productive members of society. I feel that punishment is a more logical focus than trying to reintegrate people that are compelled to commit crimes against others.

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