When discussing abortion, one must take into consideration, not only morals, but economics, politics, and culture as well.

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  • I would think so

    I think abortion has its roots in many other places in addition to ethics. So it would be a smart idea to gather as much information as possible to make the best decisions possible. You may see abortion as morally wrong, but I think there are many other considerations you have to think about like its effect on society.

  • When discussing anything political or that could affect many people

    You should consider the different opinions, surrounding the topic and at least try to understand them. You should also consider how any laws would affect people,negatively and positively. Abortion should only be allowed in cases if poverty, rape, incest, domestic violence, health and life. It should not be allowed if it is done for convenience.

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mwedwards says2015-06-27T15:42:30.223
If a country genocided half of its population for economic reasons, it is still a terrible thing. Although there other reasons to accept or reject abortion, morality is by far the most important.