When discussing slavery in America shouldn't we include a complete history of slavery through the ages.

  • Yes but you still won't be able to justify yourself.

    Anytime you talk to a wasp about slavery even just for educational reasons he or she will get all defensive and say but what about other races see I am not bad.
    I encourage for real history to be taught but anything you talk about Americans and slavery white people become total opposed to it. They can't and stand that they are a nation of hypocrites.

  • The idea of owning another human being is disgusting. But slavery is alive still today.

    If we made more of an effort of facing the fact that slavery is not just about a single country or time period we have a better chsnce of stopping it in today's world. Most people seem to think slavery began and ended in America and that could not be further from the truth

  • Yes but No. . .

    The way most history is taught is in categories. Sure some of these categories overlap, But are separated from each other, So it is more cohesive when teaching or learning. In my opinion, US Slavery should be taught in US history, Slavery throughout the ages and all over the world, Should be taught in world history.

  • Not a good idea!

    It should taught contextually. For example if everyone learned that the European slave trade monopoly including Christian slaves were enslaved by Jews we would have to drastically change the curriculum. You don't need to know that Sephardi Jews sold and bought slaves from Africa and shipped them to Brazil or Europe or the Caribbeans. Even though Semites had dominated the transatlantic slave trade to the North Americas it is important to note White American involvement in fear of a antisemitic backlash such as the Shoah.

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