When do in life will "unattractive" males get woman?

Asked by: Mannyy
  • Have something to say and smile.

    After the teenage race to popularity and focus on superficiality has ended, maturity and sense develops. With maturity, what really matters most about a person is focused away from looks. Many famous so called unattractive men have landed attractive spouses due to their intelligence, talent, heart and personality; Bill Gates, Arthur Miller, Salman Rushdie, and Marilyn Manson to name a few. Have you ever heard that nerds rule the world? It is pretty much true. The development of the mind and interpersonal skills soars miles above the woe is me I cannot get a date mentality. Intelligence and a smile are far more attractive

  • I mean, when do "unattractive" males get women?

    It goes both ways, and honestly, the narrative of "unattractive" "winning" just any woman is old and tired by the simple fact that it collectively generalizes women as prizes (as well as attractive). It also assumes that women don't have difficulty getting a guy. We live in a society where we assume guys deserve attractive women, and unattractive women are some kind of punishment. I suppose the same could be said for women, but the only difference is, no one ever talks about the woman's perspective in pursuing a male.

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