When in conflict, should national security be valued above freedom of the press?

  • Yes, national security should be valued above freedom of the press.

    When our country is at war freedom of the press in regards to the war or anything related should be removed. It is imperative to war efforts that the press not meddle and provide information to the opposing country. Any information leaked by the press should be considered treason against the U.S.

  • National security is far more important than freedom of the press.

    If it is crucial that a piece of information be kept a secret, and not released to the public in order to protect the safety of Americans, it is my opinion that the press should not have the right to share that information. There are instances where a simple piece of information can cause the loss of lives, or property. The press can wait to release this information when it is deemed safe to do so.

  • It is a slippery slope

    The problem with what the definition of danger is. The Nazi regime said that the communists where a danger to national security and so they suppressed the press. This also happened in Soviet Russia, China and North Korea. The thing about giving up rights is that it is easier to lose them then it is to get them back. Also what value do you gain by silencing the news during a conflict? Most western counties are fighting for freedom. That is difficult if you start your fight by suppressing the news.

  • It is a constitutional right

    I firmly believe that freedom of the press is essential to preserving our freedom. It doesn't matter if limiting the press comes from good intentions it can only suppress the voice of the people. Evryone has a right to know the truth about what is happening in the world. Everyone also has a right to express their views publicly without repercussion this is essential to creating a knowledgable public, and ensures that we cannot be controlled by an oppressive regime. Without freedom of the press we are just as controlled by the government as citizens in North Korea or in the USSR. The government has no right to regulate the press!

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AnonyFeline says2013-07-14T04:51:43.377
When in a time of war, it is perhaps necessary to lean in the direction of National Security above Freedom of the Press. A state of war exist if and only if lawfully declared by congress. This can only be granted if there is a direct and imminent threat to the country. The problem occurs in determining the black/white and grey area of the matter and then ask "Who watches watchers?"

Conflict along with struggle are constant and continuous and are not sufficient to put First Amendment Rights secondary to anything.

That's why it was written as the First Amendment: because of its importance.