When it comes down to it should people do what is right (yes) or be safe (no)

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Do what is right

    History is full of people who had to make this decision and the only ones we remember are the ones who chose to do what is right. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, just a few of the many people who chose to do what was right putting themselves at risk for the cause of humanity. We need people who put what is right over their personal safety. Without them society would perpetually be ruled over by tyrants.

  • If its life of death

    Then you choose the safe choice. If a man comes into your house and starts shooting then you shoot back, you may have been able talk it out but it was an executive decision that you had to make. We dropped the nuclear bomb on japan to make it so that thousands of soldiers more didn't have to die. Sometimes the right decision isn't a good decision. Survival is key if you want to continue to do the right thing.

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