When it comes to Diplomacy big guns works the best

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  • America became strong through military force.

    America is a clear example, we became a world power after winning both world wars, the war created jobs and turned our economy into a machine. After world war 2 , America's political power has been unmatched. Imperialism via military force in the Carribean, Pacifac and and Central America also created new sources of revenue, increased our international influence, and is a major reason why we are so strong today. Not only that, not many people have turned against us, we are members of NATO and the UN, and have allies worldwide. War as created opprotunities for us internally, and globally.

  • What about dollar diplomacy

    No because there are other options that can be as effective or even more effective like dollar diplomacy and using trade deals and it would probably be cheaper than building and using big guns and so we could get more diplomatic deals happening in the world. Big guns do not have a 100% success rate.

  • Necessity of opinion is valued

    1. In the era of global unity it is just irrelevant.
    2. "preemptive" strike meaning 'i can attack anyone i want, because I FEEL THREATENED'.
    3. United states of America controlling United Nation.
    4. Is there any other way or solution to all this .
    5. Please give your suggestions.

  • At present, pure reliance on millitary strength will just turn your neighbours against you.

    Big guns don't bring you real allies. What they *can* do is to turn your neighbours against you. This is what happened to China until recently. Many states perceived China's increasing military strength to be a threat to world peace and stability, and, in an effort to hinder China's rise, spread lies that came to be known as the China Threat Theory. The West tried (and is still trying) to bring China's neighbours to their side to keep China in check. Don't forget, China's military spending, as a percentage of GDP, isn't even higher than world standards.

    With diplomacy, the best way to progress is to develop both hard power and soft power. We've been befriending African countries, build Confucius Institutes in all parts of the world, etc. in an effort to win over the hearts of foreigners, rather than focusing on arms. The PLA has done a lot of anti-terrorist 'drills' (not sure what those should be called in English), not just with Russia and other allies but with the West as well. All this points to the fact that big guns don't work the best; soft power and enhanced cooperation do.

    ''He who, using force, makes a pretence to benevolence is the leader of the princes. A leader of the princes requires a large kingdom. He who, using virtue, practises benevolence is the sovereign of the kingdom.' (Mencius 3.3)

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