When it comes to illegal drug use, white America does the crime, black America gets the time. Do you agree?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Now it's Treatment?

    When heroin addiction was prominent in urban centers drug users were immoral, deginerate criminals
    who should be incarcerated. Now that heroin use is predominantly in "The Rust Belt", rural areas and Surburbian White picket fenced enclaves the focus is on compassion,rescue and rehabilitation . Chickens have come home to roost ?

  • Yes blacks and CIA

    If you look back in the Clinton era there were black guys being jailed but when white guys started going to prison for drugs, they had to overturn a law stating voting rights cause tooamy white guys were in jail and if you had a felomy you could not vote. Also blacks lost there rights during the Reagan era who himself may not have been racist but had to appeal to the crowd who got him in. Blacks sell crack cocaine which is deemed harder but look at pure heroin or cocaine in its purest form it's more potent then crack that's stepped on but majority of black neighborhoods sell crack and can't afford lawyers so cops target them leaving whites to due powder meth acid lsd which was something whites did not blacks who were afraid and they realized blacks were smart and found a way by way of CIA to put drugs into black neighborhoods

  • Yes, black americans are jailed more often.

    Black Americans are more likely to be targeted for investigation and imprisonment for drug related crimes such as possession and selling. This is because of prejudice and bias against black people. It is a fact that some police officers are racist against black people, whereas prejudice against white people by officers is virtually nonexistent.

  • This is total nonsense

    More blacks are convicted of drug crimes for several reasons, none of them discrimination or racism. Many black offenders possess drugs when arrested for other crimes and subsequently searched. Many seem drugs openly in "open air drug markets" which are virtually all found within black neighborhoods. The differences in sentencing are in part due to the fact that black drug offenders are more likely to have prior convictions. Also, many times drug possession was only one aspect of an even larger crime, and the defendant in the case simply accepted a plea bargain and plead guilty to the lesser drug charge. Plea bargain are very common and happen every day. The differences in arrest rates and convictions are not evidence of racism, they are evidence that black people are more likely to commit crimes.

  • No, more black people use drugs.

    No, black people are not disproportionately sentenced for drug offenses, because more black people use and distribute drugs. Just because drug use has disparate numbers among minorities does not mean that judges who impose sentences for these offenses are discriminating against criminals on the basis of their offenders. Criminals deserve the punishment that they get.

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