When it comes to technological and other innovations, should these innovations be open sourced?

  • Technology should be open sourced.

    With the exception of criminals and the mentally ill, everyone should have access to technological and all other innovations. It would mean more opportunity and more equality for everyone, and much less things to worry about. There are pitfalls of course, but the good outweighs the bad by a large margin.

  • Let the world know

    Yes, any advances in technology do need to be open sourced. The new info that is found needs to be shared, so that someone else can take that info and go even further with it. This method is how science goes further that before, by combining ideas from all scientists.

  • Open Source Innovation can have long term issues

    Anytime a company develops progress from a technological perspective you have to consider the patent and unique rights the company has. When you make innovations open source you allow for competitors and even hackers to duplicate their own method of the products and it creates less profit for the original company.

  • Not all things should be open source, just most.

    There are certain things that should be beyond the common knowledge. Security measures for military databases including intelligence agencies should not be 'open source.' It is not because the government fears its people in this instance. They fear for the safety of their people, and their people ultimately protect the country. Things of this nature should be kept closed, or at least hidden.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe when it comes to technological and other innovations that they should be open sourced. I believe this decision should be left up to the creator as it has been. I believe having open sourced innovations can be beneficial, but its certainly not the only way to go.

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