When it comes to the Bird and the Bees should it be the job of the parent or the school to teach.

Asked by: Mvdietrich
  • Ideally, it should be the parents.

    There's no real way to answer this. If a parent were the one teaching their child, they could install values and/or warnings (save yourself for marriage, e.T.C). Whereas if a school was teaching it, it's depicted as science. This may be less awkward for the child, but again: Parents can save their kids from making mistakes in life if they personally teach values. However, there's so many parents out there that fail to raise their kids in this aspect of life, so the only way the child learns anything is through school. Ideally, it should be the parents. But in the world we live in, I think both are needed.

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Hematite12 says2014-03-16T03:08:36.097
Do you prefer A or B?

*possible answers are Yes and No*

Mvdietrich says2014-03-16T15:26:42.800
Yeah I'm sorry I didn't know how to take it down...