When kids do bad in school it’s the video games fault and parents should smash them

  • Yes it is

    Video games have been such a huge crisis because they distract children from the real world and their lives which is school. If only they put the video games down and just did what they were told in school they would have better grades and then we wouldn’t have so many homeless people

  • Its not automatically the video games fault

    Doing bad in school can have many causes and its not automatically video games. It could be bad attitude from the child, Abusive parents, Non functioning teachers, The list goes on for other things that it could be. If it actually is the video games fault they should not be smashed but be taken away until grades get better and then the child can have them back. I had a 3. 9 GPA in high school despite playing video games and I was fine. Stop blaming the games, You are using them as scapegoat

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