When loved ones pass away, do you think we will see them again in an afterlife?

  • One Way or Another For Sure

    If Creationsim is right then you know the basic concepts of life after death.
    If Creationism as we generally define it is not correct, then this is my proposal. Something, somehow spewed out you and your loved ones. It spewed out all of the consciences of each of you. It spewed them all out in a place and time together. It did it once. Give it time. It will do it again. You and your conscience will be "asleep" or "temporarily gone", so when whatever composes you is reformed, you'll be back, and it might just seem like no time at all. T

  • Maybe, and I hope so

    I believe in reincarnation, in which when a being dies, its soul, or spirit resides in another being about to be born, and somehow, during our moments of being reborn, we don't physically see our loved ones, but we can still see what new life they're experiencing and live in now.

  • I have absolutely no reason to believe in the spirit.

    As far as we know the only thing supporting life is the physical body. When the brain goes we die. Now why would god make the body and the spirit which both do the same thing. That would be like creating a table with eight legs when it only needs two. Kind of silly. Everything seems random to any rational non indoctrinated person. Some suffer greatly as innocent children while some prosper as wicked adults and there has been whole societies of the wicked that all think they are in the right. This means they didnt know right from wrong. If we all knew right from wrong and had free will i might believe in a god. Religion is so far off from what is objectively true its not funny. They say we know right from wrong because of an apples magic which was passed down to us through genetics but then say you must go to church and teach your kids right from wrong. Pretty stupid. Again we have two means of knowing right from wrong where only one is needed. People say god had to have created all this because nothing can come from nothing but if god didnt have a creator then he came from nothing which is far more implausible than all of this having no beginning. Things with no beginning are not created by design. For something as complex as god to be perfect in every way you would have to have a creator. But then what created him? Its like the ancient Hindu belief that the world rests on an elephant which rests on the back of a turtle. What does the turtle rest on? Its ridiculous. Being that we see no magic and have absolutely no evidence of magic and cognition on earth is bound up in the brain i have no reason to suppose i will live after i die.

  • Not yes or no, like most metaphysical philosophical questions this is really a semantics question

    Who am "I"? Who is anyone? Those things do not have clear definitions.
    Am I my brain? All of my brain or only certain interactions therein? When this thing which constitutes me changes (such as the physical and chemical changes that occur to the matter at death) is the resulting product still me? If not when is the boundary for when it stops being me? If changes in the physical form is sufficient for it to stop being me then couldn't we argue that I cease to exist every moment (and even within the same moment) giving birth to a completely different being given that physical changes occur within the brain constantly?

    What if in the physical evolution of the Universe a set of physical events identical to what is going on in my brain to create my perception occurs at a later time? Is that then the same person as me or just a person who happens to have the same experiences as myself? What if it's not identical but is proportionately identical (i.E. Takes place over a longer time frame but once you consider how the physical interactions yield the perception of how slow or fast time passes the perception would be identical to the perceiver. This could possibly happen if it was at a different size scale)?

    What if in the future long after I have died a physical event created a conscious being having all the same confabulated memories as I did before dying except even though they are confabulated it also creates a physical world around me where everybody and everything was the same as it was before (so then this being's confabulations coincidentally work to inform behaviors that are considered "sane" to all around said being) except slightly different so that I didn't die? Is that being me? If yes then the outcome is essentially the same as if theory of quantum immortality is true. If no then quantum immortality is false, but if no then for all I know this could've happened already (This line of philosophical speculation is similar to "Last Thursdayism").

    Granted while this is fascinating to think about none of it really matters from a practical perspective. Most (if not all) metaphysics is an exercise in semantics.

  • Its a nice thought, but no.

    I believe that the reason religion is so popular is because it allows us to believe that this life isn't it - that something comes afterwards is better. But alas, it is unlikely that such a place could ever exist - it seems to much like a human invention.
    Just because it is a nice idea does not mean it is true.

  • No such thing.

    Though it might make people happier to believe they will see past loved ones after death, it also makes people happier to believe they will win the lottery. Thing is, it is possible to win the lottery but unfortunately, no matter how much you hope, the afterlife does not exist.

  • No, humans are not special

    We are made of the same things as everything else on Earth. When you get down to the basic building blocks of the human body, religion just looks silly! Dogs, cats, monkeys, fish, birds, trees, grass, flowers... We are all carbon based materials, our bodies all decompose the same. There is no supreme being that chose one particular species of animal to be more important than the rest.

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