When making a decision, is emotion a help (yes) or a hindrance (no)?

  • It's often needed

    Sometimes that hunch that you have has merit. While a majority of decision making should be made based off of logic and facts, sometimes something will strike you as not quite right or a risk worth taking, and there's often a reason for that which cannot be equated by simply looking at logic.

  • Yes, emotional responses are a hindrance when making decisions.

    While a lot of us claim we make decisions based on intellectual reasons rather than emotions, if we're honest with ourselves, we often tend to make them based on a gut feeling or emotion. People often rationalize why they'll do something based on emotion (for example, staying with a boyfriend or girlfriend for emotional reasons, when they know it's a toxic relationship). It's better to look at a situation objectively, as if you are not in it, and work at making a decision from there, in order to make the most wise decision.

  • Emotions cloud your judgement

    Emotions are short lived. When you make long term decision based on your emotion, you will regret it later. Once the emotion is subsided, you begin to see the flaws in the decision. Emotions are primitive and lack logic. If you let the emotion ride your life, you keep getting hurt without ever coming to the knowledge of meaning. Emotions linger on surface and superficial.
    For eg: people who breed much with emotion, lack the intelligence to think about the children's well being and their ability to provide mental and physical nurture.

  • Emotions Are A Hindrance

    I believe that emotions are a hindrance to decision making. I believe it is far better to use critical thought to solve problems rather than letting your emotions decide for you. Emotions are fleeting and they tend to change frequently throughout the day, therefore decisions made with emotions in mind may not appease a person for a very long time.

  • Emotions Not Always Important

    I believe it is possible for emotions to be both a help and a hindrance. I do not, however, believe that every decision should involve emotions. I believe it is important to know the difference between what decisions should include emotions and which should not. If you can't figure this out, then emotions can be a very big hindrance.

  • Emotion too frequently drives people to make bad decisions.

    Decisions, especially major ones, should never be made in the heat of the moment. All too often, emotionally charged decisions take into account only the immediate situation. Proper consideration of the long-term consequences is neglected and the outcome is not ultimately good. Instead, it is important to make decisions with a clear mind.

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