When other countries use chemical weapons on their own people, do you believe the American government should intervene?

  • Yes, the American Government should intervene when other countries use chemical weapons on their own people.

    America has the greatest military in the world and with that comes a responsibilty to the world. I believe that if a foriegn government harms its own people with chemical weapons that any country with the ability to do something should intervene, not just the United States. We all have responsibilty to take care of one another.

  • Yes, the American government should intervene when countries use chemical weapons.

    Yes, the American government has an obligation to intervene when chemical weapons are used in other countries. As a major world power that many countries still look up to and humanitarians, we have the right to say when a countries has truly gone to far. If an action can be considered a war crime or equal to a war crime, America should move in to support the civilians.

  • Yes, chemical warfare is awful.

    Let me first say that as an American, I am against most of our military involvement in other countries. I'm a veteran and generally war-weary. But when you have a maniac gassing 10s of thousands of people, this needs to be stopped. Sometimes you have to meet force with an even stronger force, unfortunately.

  • Its their problem

    No, we should not do anything if the people from another country use chemical weapons. They have the right to use any weapons that they choose. As long as it is not being used against people from America, then we do not need to jump in and stop it, let them settle it.

  • No, chemical attacks on civilian populations should not be the sole determinant of US intervention.

    No, chemical weapons attacks on civilian populations should not automatically trigger US involvement in another country. While there are few people who will disagree that chemical weapons are horrific, and their use by a government on its own people is a nightmare scenario, it is also true that the world is in no shortage of nightmare scenarios on which intervention might hinge. Military intervention is a complex and dangerous undertaking, and there should be no absolute red line short of threat of homeland invasion that triggers the movement of the war machine's gears. Certainly such civilian chemical attacks should be denounced as strongly as possible, and should be considered with the proper gravity when intervention is being debated. But it cannot be the sole determining factor any more than the myriad of other atrocities that regularly occur on the global stage.

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