When someone says "love me as I am" does this mean that you should put up with things done blatantly to upset/disrespect/anger you?

Asked by: dnelms77
  • You are mistaking in your question.

    Loving someone as they are is not the same as
    putting up with the dark side of them.

    They say love is blind, But when you make the choice to tolerate the negative behaviour of someone. That is not blindness. That is being ignorant. When they say love is blind, we are not talking about the same kind of ignorance choice made to stay with someone. This is you looking at the flaws they have, and letting them know your flaws. Seeing both flaws you then decide to cast it aside.

    Love me as i am, is saying you know me. And if you don't know me, please try to get to know me. This right here is who i am, is who i want to be, when someone tell you to love them as they are, there is something deep inside of them that they want you to accept, or to at least acknowledge you know.

    Once you have come to know them, and have accepted them, that is where that she/he loves me for who i am comes from, that saying can only come from deep inside.

    You can still have that, and not accept what they do to hurt you.

  • There is so much grey area

    People overwhelming use this saying as an excuse so they do not have to change their attitudes and behavior. Being disrespectful, uncompassionate, rude, dismissive, arrogant, mean-spirited or selfish are not qualities anyone should have to put up with in a relationship. The person spouting this saying expects the whole world to change and adapt to them without having to mature themselves. However, when it comes to things like a person's interests, religion, personal tastes (depending on what it is), worldview, and other essential qualities that make up who that person is...Then you do have to love even the crust of that slice of bread. Nobody likes absolutely everything there is about a person, especially after a lengthy relationship.

  • No. This is sounds like an excuse.

    Like the title, this sounds like an excuse. Why is it that some people think that when you are in a relationship that loving them as they are means you need to put up with the disrespectful crap that your significant other does. Instead using this overused phrase in attempt to avoid taking responsibility of your wrong doing, try being an adult and own your crap.

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