When taken into account the amount of false convictions that have been turned around, should Capitol Punishment be abolished?

  • I believe that, when taking into account the amount of false convictions that have been overturned, capital punishment should be abolished, because there is no reversing an execution.

    The fact that so many cases that have resulted in a death sentence have been overturned, due to emerging technology, like DNA evidence, as well as revelations of shoddy police work or corruption, it is simply unacceptable to sentence people to death. No matter what one's feelings on the morality of capital punishment are, the chance that it could kill an innocent person makes it completely immoral, even against the laws of our justice system. A person in prison for life can be released, if there was a mistake. A person who is executed can't be brought back to life.

    Posted by: BoorishKraig93
  • The death penalty is never justified, and it is always wrong.

    Human beings are capable of terrible things, but this does not mean that we should reject our moral standards. Killing others is wrong, whether it is during a crime, or state-sanctioned. The use of the death penalty goes directly against the justice system, as it is designed to work in, and accommodate for, human error and doubt.

    Posted by: ExoticCurt
  • If the system is so flawed, capital punishment can not be allowed in a civilized society.

    Obviously there is no way to get a life back, once it is taken. If the system is shown to have even a few wrongful convictions, in cases where the
    death penalty is involved, it would be inhumane and non-democratic to keep
    using capital punishment.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Capital punishment cannot be reversed and, for that reason, it should be abolished.

    Capital punishment is the most final of all punishments. When a man is dead, no recompense can be made. The victims of lesser wrongfully imposed punishments can be compensated. Even if a man was imprisoned wrongly for decades, some compensation could be made to give him a comfortable life after the truth was discovered and he was freed. In addition, capital punishment is not a worse punishment than life in prison, because the dead do not know they are being punished.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • Yes, this is just one very persuasive reason to get rid of capital punishment.

    Capital punishment should be abolished for many reasons. The number one reason being that it is morally unjust. We punish a person for taking someone's life, by taking their life. Doesn't that make us just as wrong as the criminal whose life we take? The courts utilize the Bible, and God, to carry out justice within the courtroom. Then, they turn around and play God by taking a defenseless person's life. The fact that there have been so many overturned convictions, as of late, convincingly supports the argument against capital punishment. It's bad enough that wrong convictions steal away chunks of people's lives that they can't get back, but to end someone's life, in error, is grossly unjust. And, in a country where convictions are often times subject to human error, we shouldn't take the risk.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • I disagree with the death penalty as a punishment for criminals because of false convictions and the merit of death as a punishment.

    I believe that the death penalty is an outdated punishment. Although often seen as the ultimate price to pay for a crime, I believe that death is a release rather than a punishment. A prisoner may prefer death to time spent in jail. While some see imprisonment as a burden on taxpayers, the misallocation of funds and corruption among government is not only present in the prison system, but across the board. Proper use of funds would relieve this burden and provide the necessary money for the prison system.

    Posted by: wifey
  • It should definentally be abolished

    Sure there are false convictions, but that is just an outcome of a deeper problem. Two wrongs don't make a right; the government should lead by example. The death penalty just furthers the cycle of violent death. And not only that but the prison system is completely messed up. Private companies should not profit from having prisoners. Instead of locking people who did something wrong in a box, they should actually rehabilitate these people. Filling up prisons with people with drug related "crimes" is just wasting tax payer money. Just because people are trying to get by does not mean they are dangerous criminals, though some are. In all, the criminal justice system needs to be completely revamped and modernized out of the ages of dungeons.

  • Capitol punishment should be abolished.

    Capitol punishment is not morally right and in cases of wrongful conviction, it is even less so. You cannot bring a person back after the deed. At least if they are in jail, you can try to make things right for that person and somehow make up for the wrongful conviction. Regardless of the circumstances, the death penalty is wrong.

    Posted by: MentM4j3r3
  • I am for abolishing Capitol Punishment because of the possibility of wrong conviction.

    Many case verdicts have been turned around after the discovery of additional evidence or other confessions. These situations should be a reason to abolish the idea of Capitol Punishment. The idea of executing someone who was actually innocent of a crime they were said to have committed is immoral on all levels. If the innocent have indeed been executed for crimes they have not committed, the system does not work. Capitol Punishment should be reconsidered if the convicted innocents have died.

    Posted by: Maximus Walton
  • I agree that the death penalty should be abolish due to the amount of false convictions.

    Given the number of false convictions it only makes sense to abolish the death penalty. Once carried out, the death penalty does not allow for the reversal of falsely laid justice. When given the alternative, we not only spare life, however guard the nation from inadvertently killing the innocent through our criminal justice system. Nothing would be more detrimental to the faith in this system than taking an innocent life due to an error. Because of this I am for abolishing the death penalty.

    Posted by: UlyHiro
  • I support the death penalty, because criminals need to fear for their lives.

    DNA testing is providing the government with a lot more information needed to get criminal cases right. If DNA can clear a criminal, then so be it. And, if DNA testing can positively identify a criminal at the scene of the crime, then this helps with their punishment stage. Proven criminals need to be punished as soon as possible.

    Posted by: NortBIoom
  • Capital punishment is necessary, when faced with certain malicious crimes..

    In certain instances, a crime is so malicious that the death penalty is warranted. Multiple killings and pre-planned killings are, without a doubt, in this category. With advances in technology, it's few and far between where a person in this day and age is actually convicted of a crime they didn't commit. More and more, people are expecting some sort of physical evidence, such as DNA, for proof that someone committed the crime they're accused of, and fewer people are willing to take the leap to the death penalty without being 110% sure that the accused really did it.

    Posted by: SassyKarl57
  • No, because despite the fact that many people have been sentenced incorrectly for a crime, it does not alleviate the fact that many criminals are tried and punished fairly.

    Capital punishment should not be abolished, as it is a fair punishment to those that are truly guilty. Although innocent people have been put to death in error, what needs to be kept in mind are the number of people that are justly put to death as well. The only reason that capital punishment costs so much money is due to the appeal process that criminals have a right to. Due to the appeals process, some of those wrongly convicted have been released. However, the guilty use this process as a means to keep themselves alive longer, while living off of taxpayer money until the appeals run out. Because capital punishment rarely occurs in a timely manner, there is no need for criminals to fear it. And I believe that fewer criminals should be allowed to bargain for their lives, especially those people that confess to killing others.

    Posted by: ChuckBubbIe
  • Capitol punishment should not be abolished because most overturned convictions do not involve death row cases.

    Capitol punishment isn't the problem--it's prosecutorial misconduct that lands a person in prison for a crime he didn't commit. The criteria for a prisoner to be put to death needs to change. There must be hard DNA evidence or witness testimony from more than two people who actually saw the crime take place for example before capitol punishment should be sought. The likelihood today of an innocent man being put to death is much smaller than it was twenty years ago.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Capital punishment should not be abolished since it is a necessary evil.

    Capital punishment is necessary in a society since some people simply deserve to die. I will explain. When a serial killer ruthlessly murders innocent people, the victims of the crimes achieve justice only if the killer is executed. It would be a ridiculous idea to pay and feed the same person who has taken away someone's life. No one has the right to take away another person's life and if one's life is taken away due to an act committed by an individual, the perpetrator must die.

    Posted by: N4rrGet
  • Capital punishment is not fair because no innocent person should be killed by the state.

    DNA evidence has found that previously convicted prisoners on death row were in fact innocent. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, the courts to be sure that every convicted person was guilty. Life sentences allow a wrongfully convicted person to be freed in the future.

    Posted by: EmmeAnguris
  • I don't think capital punishment should be abolished because of the false convictions that have been turned around. A safe society needs a true deterrent for crime.

    Capital punishment is a true deterrent for murder and to abolish it would deal a severe blow to society as a whole. It's imperative to have justice for the person murdered. Additionally the families demand justice. To abolish capital punishment because convictions of less violent crimes have been reversed is not a good enough reason. Our legal system currently has sufficient checks and balances needed to ensure the person convicted of a crime that's punishable by the death penalty is the person that truly committed the crime. It takes years for people convicted of crimes deserving of capital punishment to be put to death. Therefore I am certain that the people put to death are certainly guilty of their crimes.

    Posted by: VampMarce
  • Punishing criminals and controlling crime is too important to abolish capital punishment because of mistakes that have been made.

    This is a case of don't throw out the baby with the bath water. We don't close prisons because innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn't commit and it is hard to think of abolishing capital punishment because of the important role that it plays in punishing criminals and controlling crime. The fact that people have been cleared actually supports the idea that our system of justice works. But we must be vigilant in making sure that we do all we can to help keep innocent people from being convicted of crimes they did not commit.

    Posted by: TasticBran

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