When we open the school door, do we close the door of prison?

  • More schools equal less prisons.

    I believe that with every school
    door we open, we close the door of a prison.
    Education is the key to success.
    Many children who choose a life of crime feel that they have no real
    opportunity in this world. This is
    simply because they weren’t educated correctly.
    We must get to these children before the streets do.

  • Yes, the more educated people are, the less criminally inclined they will be.

    The more educated an individual is, the more likely the individual is going to be able to find a stable, well-paying job. If quality education is available only to people of good socioeconomic standing, then good jobs will only be open to those of good socioeconomic standing, and people who need money will have to turn to illegal means in order to get it. Give people a way to make good money legally, and they will do it. Do not give people a way to make good money legally, and they will try to make good money illegally.

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