When you quote someone, is it because you completely agree with them (yes) or because you admire them to the point of being biased (no)?

  • The question is a false dilemma

    I note that one can quote someone they disagree with in order to establish a point of contention. This means the question is a false dilemma as one can choose to quote somone they do not admire and do not agree with. To quote no one in particular "A false choice is worse than no choice at all".

  • Quoting someone does that mean you agree fully or you admire them to a biased point?

    When I quote a person it is because the point they are proving or stating is something that I agree on because if I don't fully agree on the thing they are quoting it's not like you should take part of the quote out and I don't know really anyone that would remove part of the quote because if you remove it, then your really not quoting them. I think that if you quote someone you should agree with the quote and not just adire a biased point

  • It's because I agree with the quote.

    When I quote someone, it's normally because I happen to agree with the quote. In some cases, it's even when the quote has come from someone I despise on an ideological level. After all, even a stopped analog clock can be right twice a day. You just have to find humor and wisdom where you can.

  • When I agree with them.

    I would only quote a person if I completely or mostly agreed with a quote. I would not quote a person that I admire saying a thing that I don't admire. I will even quote someone I don't admire if I agree strongly with their words, as long as they aren't a terrible person.

  • Quoting someone does that mean you agree or you admire them to a biased point

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  • Just an example

    Awful people say brilliant things sometimes, and brilliant people make a mistake or say dumb things with equal frequency - nobody is right or wrong all the time. A quote is a simple example of something that everyone can understand and that speaks to people - the person is not the point.

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