When you think of the most faraway country, do you think of China?

Asked by: dorkysmile
  • I think china

    From the united states china is halfway around the world. Going to china is the farthest you can go. If you go east towards Africa it is not nearly as far as China. If you go west towards Australia it is not as far as China. If you live in China you might think different. I live in the usa so I believe china is the farthest because it is directly half way around the world.

  • I think of somewhere else

    I live in Adelaide, South Australia (im one of the four people who live here) when i think of the most far away country i think of Melbourne, Victoria its a good six hour drive and thats the furthest away anyone should ever have to travel i went mount gambier once and it was three hours drive and it was scary being so far from my bed in my billabong and i missed my pet kangaroo Gerlad

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