When you ultimately pass away do you Not want to be Reincarnated, Because of how screwed up America & The World is

  • Dfishw, I call it the Triple S, Which stands for Sin, Stress & Suffering

    As a Christian, Triple S, SSS, Which stands for
    Sin, Stress & Suffering. I've decided Never to have children because of all the Stress, Evil, Suffering, Sin & Injustice in America and Worldwide, While Life has some good things. I will be fair, Objective and admit that, Still the sad reality is for most people in America and Worldwide, Life is more pain than pleasure,
    No one gave consent to be born into this cold, Cruel, Evil World. I truly hope Jesus Returns Soon to End all Evil, Suffering and Injustice in the World once and for all Forever. No one should be Reincarnated against their will

  • I can understand

    I can sympathise with that view. Although its worth pointing out that while i believe in reincarnation strongly (i have seen evidence of it for real), I do wonder whether you actually get a choice or whether its "forced" on you. Its worth pointing out though that even if reincarnation is compulsory, It may not happen for many years or centuries after you die. The USA and the world will look very different then so i don't think using the state it is in today should really be the factor. Of course, It may be in an even worse state so i guess its pot luck?

  • When I ultimately pass away, I just want to stay in Heaven Forever,

    I'm a Devout Evangelical Protestant Christian, Middle aged male, My personal view is that when I ultimately pass away, I hope to go directly to Heaven and stay in Heaven for all Eternity. I don't know if Reincarnation is true or not, Christianity doesn't believe in Reincarnation, But if Reincarnation is True, I definitely do Not want to be Reincarnated, Because of all the Evil, Suffering & Injustice in America and Worldwide, And because of how things are getting Worse and Worse in America and Worldwide. When I ultimately pass away, I want to stay in Heaven Forever, No Reincarnation for me, I hope God Respects my Wishes, No Reincarnation, When I ultimately pass away, I want to be in Heaven Forever, Alive and Conscious in Heaven Forever, Where there is No Evil, Suffering, Or Injustice, Or Crime, Or Violence, Or Fear, Uncertainty, Anxiety, Disease, Stressful hectic rat race, Etc, And other sufferings of Earthly Life, See the book
    Heaven: by Randy Alcorn, Anyone can order it from Amazon
    Probably countless people think the same way, That when they ultimately pass away, They do NOT want to be Reincarnated, They want to be alive & conscious forever in Heaven, A Perfect Place, Free from Suffering, I hope God Respects my Wishes, And the wishes of my fellow Human Beings

  • Reincarnated into what?

    Our lives here on this planet may be full of suffering. It is logically conceivable that we can exist in a place with less suffering. But the question of whether this will really be the result of reincarnation must be asked.
    Just because one is reincarnated doesn't mean the outcome of that reincarnation would be "better" than our lives today. Unless we know for certain what we will be reincarnated as, The process seems analogous to a mere roll of the dice. It is possible that we might be able to be born as a rich person, Or in a world with less suffering. But it also seems it may be just as probable that we would end up in much worse fates than we have today.
    I ask everyone reading this: given these impossibly uncertain odds of our outcomes, Are you really sure you want to roll the dice?

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brodiescott76 says2021-03-26T19:46:46.827
Modern day America is screwed up conpared to what?
brodiescott76 says2021-03-26T19:46:55.377
Modern day America is screwed up compared to what?
qontra says2021-04-03T22:15:35.023
The world is always going to be "screwed up" so you might aswell stop calling it that. The universe goes on and nothing cares.

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