Whenever I where a pink colour clothing, people think I'm gay. Are gay people restricting some of society's norms?

Asked by: Longline
  • I like the colour pink.

    I do like to wear pink. But people who don't know me often think I'm gay. Must of the time I know that that's what they are thinking. And also gay men on the street seem pay extra attention to me. Many time female will start a conversation with me thinking i'm gay. Then when I let them know i'm not Gay they start treating me like they would treat a striate dude.

    You know things about doing hairs and shopping. They stop asking me for advice. Which I kind find weird.

  • This argument is farcical.

    Arguing that people assume men who wear pink are gay is preposterous. While clothing can cause people to assume if a person is heterosexual or homosexual, simple color does not. Assuming that men who wear pink are gay assumes that a large percentage of gay men like the color pink. This is wrong. Like all people, homosexual’s taste in color vary person to person. I for one do not like the color pink, if only because I know I do not look good in it.
    Now to address the actual question of this opinion poll. No, gay people are not restricting any of society’s norms. Firstly, because homosexuality itself is not often viewed as normal. Secondly, there is no evidence that homosexuals restrict any of society’s norms. And lastly, social norms aren’t limited by a person’s orientation. They are limited by viewpoints.
    The whole of this post fails to make sense to me.

  • Pink is a good color

    In the 80s men wore pink a lot, because they thought it was macho to do that. Then the ear rings came in. There is nothing queer about pink. You can wear pink and be straight or gay. However, if you wear pink shoelaces or shoes, there might be a problem. Pink shirts are ok. Pink pants are debateable. It depends on how you wear the pink. No reason though that women should own pink. They have no problem dressing in male colors these days, so we males are taking back the color spectrum. If you dont like it ladies tough luck. Purple, lavender, all good colors for men.

  • A case of misplaced blame

    When people call you "gay" because you wear pink, they are being sexist and homophobic. And here's the thing: gay people are not responsible for society's homophobia. We didn't set up the system that hurts us. If you want to blame anyone for restrictive gender norms, blame sexists and homophobes.

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Thescarecrow066 says2015-09-15T00:31:54.557
This is just a sterotype