• Yes of course

    More nonsense the same way jesus ,Mary and the other characters in this fairytales didn't exist .The apostles should be twelve of the most famous people in history. We're told they were hand picked by Jesus to witness his wondrous deeds, learn his sublime teachings, and take the good news of his kingdom to the ends of the earth.

    Which makes it all the more surprising that we know next to nothing about them. We can't even be sure of their names: the gospels list a collection of more than twenty names for the so-called twelve disciples – with Bartholomew sometimes showing up as Nathanael, Matthew as Levi and Jude as Thaddeus, Lebbaeus, or Daddaeus!

    It should be apparent that if the twelve were actual historical figures, with such an important role in the foundation and growth of the Church, it would be impossible to have such wild confusion over the basic question of who they really were. All garbage....

  • No, they were not frauds

    They would be frauds if what they spoke did not coincide with history. What they spoke was a real account that has been verified by other secular accounts written by Roman leaders throughout the near history of their time. Many accounts exist from Roman satraps who did not followChristianity who still spoke of the crucifixion of Jesus as a historical fact, some even attesting a six hour period of total darkness and the earthquake that followed His last breath. The Roman persecution of the church as cited in the Book of the Acts is also historically accurate. Not to mention Jesus's prophecy of the temple destruction in Matthew 23-24. It really did happen in A.D. 70, with the killing of nearly 3 million Jews. Of all the Jews in Jerusalem period, the only survivors were the followers of Christ who escaped at the opening stage of the siege, and approximately 94,000 captives if I recall correctly. An account of the siege can be found in Wars of The Jews by Flavius Josephus who was a Jew himself hired by the Romans to write the account as he had seen it happen.

  • No they were not.

    The venerable historian Will Durant wrote that no reputable historian today disputes the existence Jesus of Nazareth or the apostles. Likewise he also wrote that if the Apostle Paul and the others had invented so powerful a character as Jesus it would be a greater miracle than any recorded in the gospels.

  • No they weren't

    The twelve apostles are not frauds. Anything said in the Bible I believe is 100% true. Why? Because the Bible speaks nothing BUT the truth.
    The 12 apostles, Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholemew or Nathaneal, (he was called both of those names) James, John, another James (Known as James the Younger), Judas, Jude, Matthew, Peter, Phillip, Simon, and Thomas were all of the disciples. They all have a history in the bible and in history books.

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