• Yes fact check true

    Women where made for men to provide friendship to men and grow with them in holiness and become good people worthy of the kingdom of heaven women are not meant to be independent from men but the other side of the coin women are to help men in their walk with God not be a hindrance

    you will fined that as the Nazis said women are to be silent intel told to speak they where out there killing the Jews and Hitler was unmarried until 1945

  • Women are servants

    Women should be property and servants of men and children they are for cooking cleaning and childbearing hey should not be allowed to vote own land or shares in a company like i said they are property you do not let your cat own a house or stocks now do you

  • Woman = property

    I basically believe women are physically and intellectually inferior to men but have the same rights and dignity's as men so men should have legal ownership over them to ensure they have food to eat clothing to wear a roof to sleep under and feel super loved making women feel unloved is bad all they want is to be loved and to love and men should make sure they do and women should submit to there owner

  • They were but now aren't.

    I am not saying there not great but they were made for men as it is shown to since as hard it is to say yes to this question yes women were made for men but are not anymore as they have grown in numbers and we can't survive without them

  • Women were not made for men. We are all human and anyone who says otherwise needs to STFU.

    In reality, The only real reason there are 2 base genders is reproduction. In a world with only men, Nobody could reproduce. And in a world with only women, Nobody could reproduce. We need the two base genders to keep the human race alive. (No, This isn't against LGBTQ+) All i'm saying is that women are just as much people as men are, And people who use god to justify their hate are sexist AND stupid as hell.

  • Awaiting Proof, Please?

    Oh, That’s right, You have none. Women weren’t made for men. What a very random and unjustified statement. No gender was made for the other. Why on Earth would you think that? Women were made by evolution- just like men, There’s no purpose or grand meaning of their existence. But we’re here on Earth, So let’s just make the best of it.

  • Women aren't made. They are born.

    No. Women aren't made. They are born. Even to imply that they are made is to reduce them to a product like something made in a factory. Factory products are mindless objects made to be used. Don't get me wrong, As a man I totally objectify women all the time--shamelessly--but I also know they are people. I am not looking for some mindless robot in a companion. You know who was? Jeffery Dahmer. That guy wanted to create a mindless sex slave. He was a monster. Don't be like Dahmer fellas. Know the difference between fantasy and reality. Now like I said I objectify the hell out of women, But I also know that I am not entitled to anything. Nothing is made for me. Nothing is guaranteed. I'm not that special, And neither are you. This entire question of weather or not women are made for men is one born of a sense of entitlement. It implies that men are entitled to own and control women. No human is born to be owned by another.

  • No women are not

    If you want to understand these things you have to study of women first. In ancient times women and men were equal means they used to same job like hunating and all but later the civilisation came then women getting more into houseful chores. But, We have to accept the fact that men are stronger than women in physically but we can't deny the fact that women are better than men in many things like then are much more mature than us and emotionally stable. So there is no existenece of men without women and women with men. Everyone have a part to play in this society and we have to respect it.

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tez says2021-09-18T06:13:57.223
I think when life was only about surviving and all women were made for men but now its much more so ig not now

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