Wherther or not students should be given a longer lunch break

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  • Longer lunches are better

    Lunch should be thirty five minutes long instead of fourteen to nineteen minutes long to give people more time to eat, Because since lunch is the only time in the day we get talk to each other, Most of the lunch time is spent talking. We would spend recess talking, But most of us play some game during recess which makes it hard to talk to each other.
    People whose class goes last get less food, They can’t sit with their friends, Because all the spots are taken, AND THEY GET LESS TIME TO EAT. If we had longer lunch we would have enough time to eat AND talk. This would be a good thing because then we would talk less the rest of the day. Many children rely on school meals for up to half their daily energy intake, So it is essential that they get a sufficient amount of time to eat their lunches.

    A new study that examined how lunch period length affects the amount of food a student eats showed that children who had fewer than 20 minutes to eat consumed significantly less of their entrees, Milk, And vegetables and were less likely to select a piece of fruit. Getting kids to eat healthy lunches is a national concern; in fact, There is a USDA mandate that requires students to take a fruit or vegetable in their school lunch. However, There are currently no national standards for the length of a lunch period, And many schools don't account for the time it takes to travel to the cafeteria and wait in line for lunch. At our school, Kids who get their lunch last only get about ten to fifteen minutes to eat lunch.
    There is no doubt that healthy fare served in school lunchrooms will make kids’ bodies healthier, But what about their minds? Research has also shown that a combination of nutrition and physical activity may improve academic performance. A report from Action for Healthy Kids at the Washington State Board of Health website states, “When children’s basic nutritional needs are met, They have the energy to learn and achieve. ”

  • I hate school

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  • School is not a concentration camp

    School is a place which is about learning, but even more so about understanding social interaction and growing up to be healthy individuals. Considering that children would have no lunch break, they would not only be unable to focus in school, but they would be put under unnecessary stress, be deprived of being children (as they would be naturally deprived of having play time) and an isolated society would develop.

  • You can refresh yourself

    More relaxing time, Read your favourite books,
    Calm down and take more rest,
    Finish your food properly, You will have enough time to call someone if you need,
    You can discuss with your friend of teacher about some topic may be important in that break,
    you can have a play times.

  • I don't like food.

    I am anorexic and I don't like food or people so everyone die that wants more time for food. We do not need more time. We need freedom from people like you that should be burned alive because everyone hates you. You are a nasty piece of work mate yeah!

  • It is a fine tuned system.

    One would say the length of lunch breaks provided is very precise, this is because it's been fine tuned to appeal to our need for rest, whilst still allowing the rest of the day to be devoted to education, which is of greater long term benefit than an extra ten minutes to loaf around without any goals past socialising.

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