Whether the Federal Government should replace the Electoral College with the Popular Vote

  • The Electoral College Is Just Plain Stupid

    The United States is a republic, And with this there are many flaws that do not exist in a direct democracy. Our country has a pride in itself being a republic, But it does not mean all aspects are perfect. One broken aspect is the Electoral College.

    The Electoral College not only discriminates against population bases, Such as on the coasts, But does not count all votes equally. A candidate can become president even if they lose the popular vote by millions of votes. It’s not just that the Electoral College is immoral, Which it is; it’s also just a stupid system of organizing voting.

  • The People's vote

    The Electoral College is outdated, America has been independent for 242 years. A group of the founding fathers created the electoral college because they thought that the common man was not intelligent enough to vote. They also thought that if they did vote they would only vote for the people in their area, Therefore if that person won it would be hard for him as he would only have the support of a small part of the country. Now people have a huge amount of information at their disposal and can rationally choose their president. Admittedly this would require a constitutional amendment and the Republicans and Democrats would have to agree but miracles do sometimes happen.

  • I don't believe we should switch to a popular vote system.

    If we switch to a popular vote system everyone thinks it will make the election more fair WRONG! The reason is that candidates will focus on the most populous states like California, Texas, New York, Virginia, Etc. The people in states with little population like Wyoming and Alaska votes will basically mean nothing and it would be a waste of time for any candidate to go there (besides third party) because you'll only be addressing a state of 500, 000 when he could address a state of 38 Million. Basically states with big population will basically decide elections while people in the less populated states will be left out and forgotten.

  • I have 4 reasons:

    1. The U. S. A. Was intended to be a representative democracy, Not a pure democracy.
    2. The electoral college was intended to safeguard against uninformed voters (and misinformed ones, Because of social media and fake news). 3. If we had to recount a national popular vote (millions upon millions of votes! ), It would cause chaos. Think back to the election of 2000, When Florida's popular votes had to be recounted and recounted- absolutely overwhelming!
    4. To amend the constitution, Which would be needed to get rid of the electoral college, It would require that the amendment receive a two-thirds vote from both houses of Congress and be ratified by three-fourths of the states’ legislatures. However, The electoral college actually gives the states the final power to elect the president. How likely is it that 39 states would give up that power?
    I stand my case. Anybody who wants to challenge my thinking in the Yes column, Or in comments, Go ahead. But please keep it a friendly debate- no impolite language! Thank you!

  • The Electoral College is in place so we don't have mob rule

    Without the electoral college all politicians would have to do is campaign in the largest cities in the US and promise them free stuff, And promising that the rest of the US would pay for it. The electoral college was put in place so that every voice in America is heard and not just those of the mob

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