Whether violent video games cause people to be violent in real life.

  • Violent video games cause aggression

    Many video games involve shooting, Fighting, And other violent acts. So, The question arises, Do violent video games cause people to be violent in real life? I strongly believe that they can lead to aggression and violence. I think this because people get influenced by the smallest things everyday, Like other's actions and what they see on TV. So how is it different for video games? It isn't. Being exposed to violence in video games can change the way you think, And change your brain overtime. In addition, When you play violent video games you see it as OK to shoot/harm/hurt people or beings, So how you think that would affect the way you think about other's lives? And lastly, You celebrate and win by killing or hurting others, In the video games, And that kind of mindset can affect your thoughts about violent acts in real life. As a result, Violent video games can change the way you think, Leading to long term aggression and violence.

  • Under Certain Circumstances.

    I believe it's the parental/adult figures in the children's lives that influence how they interpret the violence they experience. A child look up to their parents as role-models, If the parent cautions them against violence, Or actively tries to prevent them playing these games from a. Young age, I think this can influence towards a more cautioned demeanour. Parents who are nonplussed by their kids playing these games or worse, Encourage them, Will see an increase in violent or aggressive behaviour. As video games are a mental outlet for violence, They may crave a physical outlet for violence.

  • It is quite the opposite.

    Many studies have proven the opposite. Violent video games give players the option to vent their aggression, With "prizes". These "prizes" could just being on top of a leaderboard, Getting points, Or even achievements.

    As long as video games allow players to vent, There will not be an issue. However, Many politicians and people who do not actually play games make these claims often. In the 1990s, The ESRB was created in the United States to self-regulate after Mortal Kombat got a lot of press coverage for "glorifying violence", With players being able to score more points by killing their opponents, Often times through dismemberment. This of course continued into the 2000s when Grand Theft Auto III released, Where it promoted stealing cars and rampant violence. Then again with Manhunt, Where it promoted killing people in different ways for an unseen audience. This was further instigated with motion controls on the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo had been known as the family gaming console company compared to Sony and Microsoft up until this point. Some were rather surprised by this.

    Here's the thing though: I know many people who play violent video games. Some own guns. Some don't. Some know martial arts. Some don't. Some know very well how to kill people. Again, Others don't. But none of them have shown any sign of violent tendencies, Nor killed anyone. Not even one.

    Additionally, Watching or playing a video of doing something will not make a person want to rein-act or replicate what they saw/did in that medium in real life. If this was really the case, Violence would run rampant and violent video games would be banned on the spot.

    I mainly play Roleplaying Games, Where to gain in-game resources and experience, I am expected to defeat (kill in most cases) many enemies. For the most part, These enemies are the local wildlife. I do not go out and kill animals in real life. If I did, I would be seen as disturbed and/or a menace to society and most likely locked up or at the very least, Mandated to attend therapy. I do not express violence in real-life at all, As I am very docile and typically calm. Yet, I've been playing violent video games since I was 8, Starting with Mortal Kombat.

  • I really doubt that's the issue/main cause for violence

    No, In my opinion violent video games don't cause people to be violent in real life.

    This is a common parents or the person causing the bad behavior may use when a kid is being violent or misbehaving is due to a video game. That isn't always the cafe.

    Kids under a certain age shouldn't be playing games like this though such as those under the age of 10. While those between 10-17 and above should definitely know how to act even if they seen something different in a video game, TV show, Etc.

  • Actually, No they don't

    At first, I thought they did too for a short bit, But it actually shows that places like Japan which play way more video games than the U. S, Actually have 96x fewer shootings. Plus school shooters play fewer video games than the average person. So it's actually quite the opposite and video games help. They can act as a way for the person to release anger in a much more peaceful way.

  • No they don't

    There are so many shooting games out there, Yet you don't see an extreme amount of gun violence everywhere. Those who do use a gun usually use it for protection or to create a crime. Those crimes are usually influenced by life problems such as poverty, Gangs, Etc. Games in the end are fake and look fake.

  • No they don't

    The games can be a place where they take their anger out. Not on the real world. And the games are cartoons so it is not realistic. I know folks who play those games and they are really sweet. So no, Violent video games don't make people violent.

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